If you’ve ever been kept up at night by the whining sounds of mosquitoes, then you’ll relate to this. Bees in the park and feeling oppressed in your home by pests are on different levels to each other. You love your dog. But the fleas it’s inviting to your home are not what you signed up for.

The Natural Way is the Best

While getting rid of bugs is your main problem, you still want to find ways that will not harm your pets. Below are some of the effective ways of doing just that, while still ensuring the safety of your pets. And all based on things you already have in your house! It might be time to switch from all the chemicals.

Drain Stagnant Sources of Water.

Most pests find damp environments nurturing, and settle there. So if you have a pond in your backyard lying fallow, you might want to consider draining it out. Fish feed on the eggs laid by gnats and mosquitoes, and so break the breeding cycle. But if there are no aquatic organisms, get rid of it. It’s proving more trouble than its worth. Marshes and water collected in odd areas around your yard need to should be destroyed.

Get Rid of the Garbage.

Garbage cans are usually breeding ground for bugs to hide. Disposing of these well ensures that you’re not creating an environment where it’s easy for the pests to invade your home. Additionally, getting rid of trash cans means your pet won’t end up diving in and ingesting whatever germs are lurking. Proactively choosing to remove things that may provide homes for pests could be the first step.

Use vinegar as a repellent.

Making use of materials you already have at your disposal will prove very economical. Bugs are irritated by the smell of vinegar and will keep away from it. Particularly the white kind. So spraying it in areas that are most likely to be frequented by pests like ants will be a sure way to keep them out.

Have you heard of the chalk trick?

Strategically placing pieces of chalk in your closet will absorb moisture and keep it dry. Since pests like moths like moist spaces, this easy trick will keep them out. And your wardrobe will smell better when it’s dry. So it’s a double advantage.

Vegetable peels.

Peels from vegetables like cucumbers are a perfect way to keep roaches away. Instead of disposing of them, try leaving them on the kitchen table for a day or so. That should be enough to keep them off your working space for a few days. After a few days, get rid of these though, as keeping them longer will breed more problems of its own.


Making no use of chemicals, these are an ideal way to get rid of pesky houseflies. These are hung well overhead, far out of reach of your nosy dog and curious cat. Smart additions like murky water will lure them in and keep them in! Flytraps are great because you can always reuse them. Just dump the water after a while, fill it back up and hang it where flies usually hang out. They’ll fall into the traps in masses.

Onion and what?

You might be skeptical about this one because it sounds too easy, but try it out for yourself. Chop onion and mix it with baking soda then distribute the mixture in different points in your house. It’s cheap, it’s safe, and above all, it works! Done regularly, it’ll keep the disgusting roaches out.

Essentially all you need are essential oils.

Peppermint and other such lubricants are known for their fragrant smells. So using them to get rid of annoying bugs will be killing two birds with one stone. (Though of course no birds will ultimately be harmed since the aim of all this is to protect your pets). These can be combined and used as tick repellents for your furry friends, without compromising their health.

Wire mesh outside windows.

When it’s hot, you may be tempted to leave the window open and let fresh air in. But clean air isn’t the only thing you’ll open your home to. Mosquitoes and other bugs use this window opportunity to gain access to your house. You don’t have to compromise on your necessary daily dose of fresh air. You could do yourself a favor by mantling a thin wire mesh right outside your window. That way, you can filter through what gains access to your room and have peaceful, buzz-free nights.

Sprinkle some baking soda.

Bed bugs are weird creatures, and you have no reason to have any patience for them. A spoonful or so of baking soda over your bed will do the trick! Just cover the mattress with your bedsheets and go about your business. Change this every month and never worry about those annoying things ever again.

They have tested store-bought options.

Various stores sell non-toxic sprays and concoctions you can buy and use in your home. Infestations, where DIY options may not be sufficient, may need you to resort to splashing a bug spray. After getting tested, they passed as safe for use in houses with pets and children. It almost sounds like superhero missions doesn’t it! These may be available in pest control stores, or online purchases.

Not only are the above methods economic, but they are also gentle to the environment. Grabbing the phone to call an extermination company doesn’t have to be your first thought. Precautionary hazards that come with chemicals persist in the area for a while. Your sister may need to take care of your cats and dogs for a few days until the chemicals wear off. So, unless necessary, don’t reach for the pesticide just yet. Play around with what you have in your pantry. You’ll be surprised by what you may find. Keeping your environment clean of pests in a healthy way will not only affect your health positively but your lifestyle as well.