Eclaire - Chihuahua - All Our Paws Mascot

Breed: Chihuahua
Age: Approximately 1 year old

Eclaire joined our gang on March 22, 2017. (No, her name is not spelled wrong, eclaire means “enlightenment” in French.) Claire was adopted from Louisville Metro Animal Services in Louisville, Kentucky. She is a sweet, dainty little thing at just under 8 pounds, but probably should be in the 10-pound range so we will be working on fattening her up a bit. We went to the shelter in hopes of finding L.B. a playmate since Lois Lane and Buddy are in their senior years and really don’t have much interest in playing. When we first found Claire she had no name at all, just a number…how sad is that? She ended up at the shelter because she was in a car that had been repossessed and no one realized at the time that she was in there. Her former owners were contacted once they realized what happened, but they apparently had no interest in coming to pick her up. So we are now the lucky ones who get to love her!

We waiting around the busy shelter for two hours before we got to meet Eclaire. She was very shy and a bit fearful of men in her cage, but once she was out of the cage and in our laps for about ten minutes she started warming up real fast. She was all kisses, nibbles, and kept laying on her back for belly rubs. She knew how to win our hearts! So we filled out the paperwork and brought her home that night.  Claire, being the new kid since last week, is a little shy right now, but I think she’s going to be a little spit fire once she gets accustomed to her new siblings. Lots more updates to come….