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7 Ways to Occupy Your Dog During Rainy Summer Days

This August rather than sun, tans and t-shirts so far all we’ve had is rain, literally putting a dampener on summer spirits. In the summer the weather dictates our weekend and evening plans and with the hash tag #BritishSummerTime trending on Twitter again, it’s no surprise that we are fed up with the cold weather conditions. Whilst we can comfortably stay indoors to keep ourselves entertained in poor weather, it’s a different story for our four legged friends. Come rain or shine all dogs need exercise and when the weather lets us down, walks can be cut short and...

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Pet Lovers Bundle Giveaway!

It’s back to school time! Give your pets some extra love while the kiddos are gone starting with this awesome Pet Lovers Bundle Back to School Giveaway!  Enter at the bottom of the page and don’t forget to drop by our Facebook page and give us a Like for future Pet Giveaways! Pet Lovers Bundle Giveaway! 4 Prizes ~ 1 Winner (Ends 9/10) @SMGurusNetwork   Welcome to the Pet Lovers Bundle Giveaway! There is 1 winner for this giveaway. 1 Lucky Winner will receive a collar and bracelet from FriendshipCollar, a pet tag from Bad Tags, a pair of...

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The Ultimate Guide to Grooming Your Dog

Dogs come in all kinds of different shapes and sizes, but as the weather is currently at its peak here in the UK, it’s worth knowing how often our dogs should visit the local grooming salon during the summer months. For dogs with thick or long coats, it can get particularly uncomfortable for them during this period, so it’s important to take extra precautions with haircuts and grooming on a regular basis. Warm weather aside, dogs with particularly long, thick or wiry coats tend to pick up debris and dirt out on their walks. This can cause irritation as...

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No Rush: How Slow Are Sloths Really?

As kids, our ideal day would usually consist of relentless activity and exciting adventures. And as we grow older and get busy with our respective lives, a lazy day of food and sleep seems like heavenly bliss. To that end, sloths definitely have their priorities straight. They are lethargic and have no regrets, to say the least. Their nomenclature is influenced by the deadly sin of sloth, which primarily refers to an unwillingness to participate in anything productive. What Do Sloths Look Like? In appearance, sloths are monkey-like. They have lanky limbs but a stout body. Their heads are...

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All You Need to Know for Bring Your Dog to Work Day 2017

Every dog has its day and this year it’s the 23rd of June where companies up and down the country will be celebrating Bring Your Dog to Work Day. It’s a day where we honor our furry friends by welcoming them into our workplaces to celebrate the mutual adoration, love, and support between owner and pet. The aim of the National Day is to raise money for charities dedicated to the welfare of dogs. This will be the fourth Bring Your Dog to Work Day and boasts participation from This Morning, The Guardian, and Yahoo to name a few....

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