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How to Give Your Dog The Best Life Ever

Your dog is more than just a pet. They are your best friend, a member of the family, a fellow creature that you couldn’t live without. If you give them all the love in the world, then they’ll love unconditionally back – and how many humans can that be said of? As such, you want to ensure that your pet has the best life possible. Their time on this planet is limited, just like everyone else’s: let’s make sure that they’re living it to the full every step of the way. Daily Walks Now, we know that sometimes the...

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10 Dog Training Hacks from the Pros

Have you been struggling to get your new dog housebroken? Does your puppy just not seem to comprehend the meaning of stay? Are you not sure where to begin with dog training at all? You’re in the right place. With some patience and the right tips, just about anyone can train a dog. We’ve rounded up 10 tips from professional dog trainers that can help you improve your dog’s behavior. 1. Always make training fun by keeping it short and sweet. This tip comes from Jacquelyn England, who suggests that dog training should never last longer than about 15...

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Puppy Pals And Doggy Destinies

  Let’s face it; we’re a nation mad for dogs. In fact, statistics show we have a whopping 89.7 million pups living among us. And, that number increases every day as more owners find their doggy destinies. It’s a happy story all around; we’re sure you’ll agree. Or, is it? Though we love our dogs, the number of pups hitting homeless shelters suggest something’s going wrong. In fact, 3.9 million dogs are thought to enter shelters nationwide every year. It’s enough to break any dog lovers heart. In fact, that’s such a large number that it begs the question...

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Decoding Your Dog

We all try to understand our dog as best we can, but this isn’t always possible. In this infographic from GAP you will find out what your dog really means by all the different gestures and sounds they make on a daily basis. Let’s begin with their face and as they have so many different expressions it can be hard to keep up. One that people may not have been aware meant different things was yawning as it can sometimes mean they’re stressed and not always that they’re tired. Another interesting area is all the postures our dogs exhibit...

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Have You Been Walking Your Dog Wrong This Whole Time?

  Owning a dog can be one of the most joyful things in the world as they become an important part of the family and a great companion. Walking the dog comes with the job of being a dog owner. Some dogs need more exercise than others, but they all need exercise to some degree. However, did you realize that there was a wrong way to walk your dog? Read on to find out if you’ve been walking your dog wrong this whole time… Training Your Dog Training your dog to walk properly is so important. You’re supposed to...

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