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Obey Thy Master: Preparing Your Dog For Their First Obedience Competition

  Working one on one with man’s best friend can be extremely rewarding, especially if your dog has been able to master even the most comprehensive of tricks for his favorite treat or dentine stick. You may believe your dog has what it takes to win a few ribbons and maybe even a trophy, and you have entered you and your best friend into a local or even national competition. As much as you would have been preparing your pup for this their whole life, by starting off training very (Source) early on, there are still a few extra...

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Why Pampering Your Pet will Help Beat those January Blues

  People are increasingly treating their pets as humans and understandably so, as we see them as members of the family and we appreciate the incredible health and happiness benefits they provide. In fact, one study found that pets helped reduce stress and often comfort us even more than our friends and spouses are able to. January can seem very gloomy after the fun of festivities and is over. The holiday lights and decorations are taken down so that there is nothing to brighten the grey, dark weather and it is time to go back to work. Spending time...

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The Complete Guide To Getting A Pet

  Getting a family pet is a big decision. Whether you grew up with pets yourself or have no experience of it all, it is still a daunting prospect. You don’t know what the future holds. Your children may be showing enthusiasm now, but will that last? You may feel like it is the right decision for you personally, but is it really the best choice in the long term? It is an animal after all, and not something you can just pick up and put down as often as you please. However, having a pet in your life...

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Helping Your Furry Friend Deal With Separation

  Being away from your pet can be a tough time for everyone, and no one suffers more than your furry friend. After all, you may miss them while you’re gone, but they often aren’t able to understand that you’re ever even coming back. This is especially true for animals who might have been mistreated in the past, and many of them can end up having a great deal of anxiety about being away from you. Luckily, all hope is not lost. Here are a few things that you can do in order to help your furry friend deal...

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Beating Pet Illnesses With Prevention

  Nobody can sit and do nothing when it is obvious their pet is ill. Regardless of the cost most of us would spend anything to make their pet well and comfortable again. Fortunately, this type of emergency situation is rare. Like humans, prevention is both possible and better than cure, as they say. Our animals are a lot more like us than you might think. So what can you do to prevent illness in a pet? Getting To Know Your Pet They might not speak English, but they do tell us when things aren’t right. Getting to know...

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