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No Rush: How Slow Are Sloths Really?

As kids, our ideal day would usually consist of relentless activity and exciting adventures. And as we grow older and get busy with our respective lives, a lazy day of food and sleep seems like heavenly bliss. To that end, sloths definitely have their priorities straight. They are lethargic and have no regrets, to say the least. Their nomenclature is influenced by the deadly sin of sloth, which primarily refers to an unwillingness to participate in anything productive. What Do Sloths Look Like? In appearance, sloths are monkey-like. They have lanky limbs but a stout body. Their heads are...

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All You Need to Know for Bring Your Dog to Work Day 2017

Every dog has its day and this year it’s the 23rd of June where companies up and down the country will be celebrating Bring Your Dog to Work Day. It’s a day where we honor our furry friends by welcoming them into our workplaces to celebrate the mutual adoration, love, and support between owner and pet. The aim of the National Day is to raise money for charities dedicated to the welfare of dogs. This will be the fourth Bring Your Dog to Work Day and boasts participation from This Morning, The Guardian, and Yahoo to name a few....

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BugOut Pet Feeding System Giveaway

It’s time for another pet giveaway!  This one is for the BugOut Pet Feeding System, a pet feeding bowl created to keep ants and other bugs out of your pet’s food bowls.  These pet bowls are ideal for outdoor cats and dogs and even for smaller farm animals such as goats, rabbits, and fowl. Simply fill out the entry form at the bottom of this post to enter.  Enter daily through June 18, 2017.  Good luck! ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ The BugOut Pet Feeding System Giveaway (Ends 6/18) @Bugoutbowl @SMGurusNetwork   1 winners will receive a BugOut Pet Feeding System ~ Winners...

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Havanese Dog Breed Information

The Havanese dog is part of the Bichon breed family. They have had a multitude of names throughout their history, including the White Cuban, the Dog of Havannah, and the Havana Silk Dog. They are small in size with long coats, tails that are carried over their back, and have huge personalities.   Common Name: Havanese Scientific Name: Canis Familiaris   Origination: Cuba   Breed Group: Toy   Life Span: 14-16 Years   Height: 9–11″   Weight: 7–14 Pounds   Coat Type: The Havanese has a very soft and durable coat.  A unique feature of the coat – it is...

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French Bulldog Breed Information

 The French Bulldog is currently the 6th most popular dog breed. They are playful, smart, and adaptable to their surroundings. The are a small sized dog with medium energy and a big personality.    Common Name: French Bulldog; Frenchie   Scientific Name: Canis Familiaris   Origination:  France   Breed Group: Non-Sporting Group   Life Span: 11 – 13 Years   Height: 12″   Weight: 19 – 28 Pounds   Coat Type: The French Bulldog has a short, smooth coat and only requires occasional grooming, including frequent cleaning of skin folds. The Frenchie will benefit from weekly brushing as they are moderate...

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