A bird could make a great companion while you are at home. Some can even talk to you, with the right amount of training, while others can merely move around your house keeping you company and making your home feel more alive. However, birds can fly and pet birds are no different, even if their wings have been trimmed since feathers can grow back. Therefore, you have a chance of losing your bird to the great outside when curiosity takes over. But, not to worry there are ways that you can find them as well as get them to come back home safely and hopefully sooner than later.


There are a few ways to prevent your bird from flying off and getting lost. One way is to make sure that their flight feathers do not grow back. This can be done by keeping an eye on their feathers and when flight feathers start to grow in, you can start organizing to take your pet bird for a trim. If you cannot get them trimmed, make sure that you apply extra protection so that they do not get tempted to fly and do not let them go outside until their feathers are trimmed. Another way to keep them from flying away is to make sure they do not get spooked. This can happen if they are out of their cage and the doorbell rings, which can give them a fright which may lead to flight. If you are having guests over make sure that your pet bird is safely in their cage.

Stop Your Bird from Escaping

While you are with your bird you should keep an eye on them at all times. If they decide to take flight you may be able to call them back before they get too far. However, if they cannot hear you you should take note of how high, far and how tired they looked while they were flying away. This could help indicate how far they could have gone since there is a chance that they may not have gotten far. You can call your friends and family to help look for the bird.

What to Do if Your Bird Does Escape

How to catch an escaped pet bird

If your bird does fly the coup there are a few ways that you can try to get them back. You should report the missing bird to lost and found websites, local newspapers, local radio stations, zoos, and bird sanctuaries if there are any near you. You can also approach pet stores as well as hang up posters around the neighbourhood.

While at your house you should leave their cage and toys outside so that they can spot them and want to come back. If you have a bird that they are friends with you may put that one in their cage outside, but make sure you do not leave them alone, for safety reason. Also, take your other pets inside, especially if your missing bird is scared of them.

Keep searching the neighbourhood and asking people if they have seen your bird. You should keep posting about your bird in newspapers, on the streets and you can also contact animal rescue shelters to be on the lookout. You may have to offer a reward to get people to want to help find your bird. You can also mention how important they are to you and your family in order to gently tug on the heartstrings of your neighbors. Plus, pet birds will often go to humans when they get hungry and this why keeping your neighbourhood updated on your lost bird is helpful.

While Searching

When you are out and about looking for your bird it is a good idea to make and use sounds that they are familiar with. This can be words that they know or you could even have a recording of their squawking playing on speakers if need be. Keep in mind that a lot of pet birds are quite colourful and this can make them blend into trees and the background so it is important to keep a lookout for any movements.

The main thing about searching for a lost pet bird is to be consistent until you find them or they come back to you. You should not give up since it could take years for lost pet birds to be found. Keep updating the neighbourhood as well as having their cage outside. You can also play the sounds that they know as often as needed. Keep checking the websites, newspapers and streetlamp posts in case someone does end up finding them. It may take a long time but once you two are back together it will be worth it.