People residing worldwide love to have a pet in their homes, have an additional family member and get a good companion. However, nowadays, dogs and cats are preferred as pets, but more people are leaning towards birds. When we talk about birds, the first thing that comes into our mind is a colorful creature known as a parrot. Undoubtedly, parrots are the most attractive and colorful birds on earth. The surprising fact is that after the dog, cat, and fish, birds are the Americans’ fourth favorite pet.

As all pet animals require special care and attention, similarly, the parrots and other pet birds need specialized care methods within the family. The primary consideration is to learn how to handle birds because the way you feel about pet animals is way different if we talk about pet birds. And if not handled safely, it can be dangerous for both the bird and the owner.

Before thinking of getting a pet, you should be aware of different Animal facts because no two birds or animals share similar features. If you belong to those new in keeping a parrot as their pet, follow the below safety tips to handle parrots. When you learn to care and take parrots safely and correctly, you both will need less time to get familiar with each other. Let us discuss how to handle a parrot safely.

Never squeeze a parrot

It is always necessary to firmly hold the parrot while trimming its nails, clipping its wings, or carrying any other activity. Remember that you should not squeeze a parrot as a bird’s skeleton and respiratory system is delicate. If you press a parrot, they are more prone to break their bone or any other organ damage. Keeping or putting your pet parrot in any pressure might result in severe injuries or even cause death. 

Train your parrot to “step-up”

If you want to handle your pet parrot without causing any severe injury safely, teach your parrot to step up on your fingers. When the parrot learns to step-up on the owner’s fingers, it is easy to handle and safely bring the parrot out of the cage. However, parrots who refuse to learn the command of stepping up on their owner’s finger have to be grabbed when they want to come out of the cage. This will increase the risk of getting a severe injury. 

Do not allow the parrot to sit on your shoulder

In movies and televisions, you might have seen that a parrot always sits on its owner’s shoulder. However, it is not a good habit that you should teach your parrots. The reason being that sometimes the friendly parrot is capable of biting. When you let the parrot sit on the shoulder, sometimes it can get over-friendly and refuses to obey your commands. It is always beneficial to prevent yourself and keep away the parrot from your face and ears. 

Keep your parrot’s wings clipped

Clipping the parrot’s wings will allow them to get more dependent on their owners. If their wings are not cut short, they will get confident of their flight, leading owners to grab them instantly. Since birds are physically fragile, this can also cause severe injuries to them. Clipping their wings can reduce this risk. 

Protect jewelry and accessories

When holding a parrot, it is necessary to keep in mind that they love to bite and pick at small things. So, whenever you have a parrot, remember to keep your ears away from it. Parrots get attracted to tiny and shiny objects such as rings, earrings, and necklaces and try to grab them. To hold them, they can act harshly and snatch the ornament leaving your body organ in pain and injury. Before handling your parrot, remove all your accessories.

Never hold your parrot by its wings, tail, or legs

Even if your parrot has not learned the step-up command, you should not grab him by its legs, wings, or tail. By doing so, you not only make them frighten but also damage their delicate tuft. You should pick the parrot by grasping it in a soft towel or wearing hand gloves, which will protect you from its bite and scratches. Parrots are tiny and sweet birds who need to be protected and cared for with delicacy. Despite their fragile body and smaller size in contrast with harpy eagle size comparison, they have four toes and each foot and a strong beak that can even crack the toughest nut. 


When you think of getting a parrot, you need to care and handle them carefully. The safety of your parrot should be your priority. You need to learn every minute detail on how to care for your pet bird and train and teach them your commands. The way of treating birds is very much different the way you treat pet animals. Before deciding on getting a parrot, make sure you get prepared and learn all the tricks of managing the pet.