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How to Save Your Cat from Fleas

Has your cat been itching and licking itself more than usual? Does your majestic floofy companion...

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4 Benefits of Sleeping With Your Pet

Ninety-eight percent of pet owners, consider their furry friend family. Those furry friends aren’t...

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Top 10 Dangerous Cat Foods

Milk / Diary It is a common assumption that it is ok to feed cats milk. We’ve all seen...

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Feline Lethargy – Five Common Causes of Lethargy in Cats

Most cats have plenty of energy to spare. If you notice that your car isn’t being as...

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Feline Obesity – Don’t Let Your Pet Become a Fat Cat

With feline obesity numbers on the rise, it seems more and more owners are content with having a...

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How to Find the Best Cat Veterinarian

At some point, every cat owner will need to find a veterinarian for their feline friend....

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Helpful Tips to Reduce Cat Shedding

Shedding is a necessary process for cats since the old hair has to fall out to make room for the...

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Seven Common Causes of Hair Loss in Cats

Usually, it’s pretty noticeable when a cat starts to lose his hair. If you notice your...

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Cat Pregnancy 101 – Tips on Caring for a Pregnant Cat

If your female cat spends any time roaming outdoors, chances are she may come home pregnant at...

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Depression in Cats – Helpful Information About Feline Depression

Cats have emotions just like people. And just like people, it is possible for your cat to get...

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Information on Cat Ringworm

Many people take the name feline ringworm literally and believe that the disease is brought on by...

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Information on Constipation in Cats

Cats can have any number of bowel movements on a daily basis. In general though, they typically...

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