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Finding Dory, A Cute Movie with a Possible Devastating After Effect

As many of you know, Pixar/Disney has released a new movie “Finding Dory”.  When...

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Setting Up a Goldfish Pond

Setting up a goldfish or Koi pond can attract many forms of nature to your backyard. The primary...

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Aquatic Nitrogen Cycle – What You Should Know Before You Set Up a Fish Tank

Many people who set up freshwater, brackish, or saltwater tanks start without truly knowing...

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Betta Fish

Have you ever seen Bettas (or Siamese fighting fish) in the fish store that are in the smallest of...

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Goldfish and Bowls

Goldfish are a species of carp which can, and will, grow to be large sized fish.  They have a...

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Salt Water Fish to Avoid

There are some salt water fish that are often sold in pet stores that you should avoid. These fish...

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Our Oceans and Our Reef Tanks

It is important to try, if at all possible, to purchase animals for our reef tanks that are...

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Planning for Your New Saltwater Hobby

So you think you’re ready for a reef tank? Well, a wise choice in my opinion, although a...

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