Category: Pet Profiles

Copperbanded Butterflyfish

Category: Butterflyfish Common Names: Copperband Butterflyfish Scientific Name: Chelmon rostratus...

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Labrador Retriever

Common Name: Labrador Retriever, Lab   Scientific Name: Canis Familiaris   Origination:...

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Ocellaris Clownfish

Category: Clownfish Common Names: Ocellaris Clownfish Scientific Name: Amphiprion ocellaris...

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German Blue Ram

Category: Cichlidae  Common Name: German Blue Ram Scientific Name: Colisa lalia Water Type: Fresh...

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Betta Fish

Category:  Betta Common Name: Betta; Siamese Fighting Fish Scientific Name: Betta splendens...

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Green Mandarin / Dragonet

Category: Dragonets/Mandarins  Common Names: Green Mandarin, Striped Mandarinfish Scientific Name:...

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Flame Angel ( Dwarf )

Category: Dwarf Angels Common Names: Flame Angel ( Dwarf ) Scientific Name: Centropyge loricula...

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Category: Guppy Common Name: Guppy Scientific Name: Poecilia reticulata Origin: Captive-Bred Water...

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Neon Tetra

Category: Tetra Common Name: Neon Tetra Scientific Name: Paracheirodon innesi Origin: Malaysia,...

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Havanese Dog Breed Information

The Havanese dog is part of the Bichon breed family. They have had a multitude of names throughout...

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French Bulldog Breed Information

 The French Bulldog is currently the 6th most popular dog breed. They are playful, smart, and...

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Tiger Barb

Category: Barbs Common Name: Tiger Barb Scientific Name: Puntigrus tetrazona Water Type: Fresh...

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