Cystitis in cats affects the bladder. It causes your cat’s urine to develop tiny crystals and become bloody. This painful condition may result in your pet urinating in places he normally doesn’t. Keep reading this article to learn all you need to know regarding cystitis.


It is not definitively known what causes cystitis in cats. It is thought that certain infections play a role.


It’s common for felines with cystitis in cats to have a difficult time urinating. It’s common for the urine to become bloody or develop tiny crystals. It’s also difficult for cats with this condition to urinate.


It is vitally important to note that a large amount of crystals in the urine can cause a blockage in the urethra. Male cats normally develop these blockages since their urethras are smallers. Toxins won’t be able to pass out of the kidneys if a blockage occurs. This can prove fatal in two days.

You will need to decrease your cat’s mineral intake and increase his fluid intake. This will help dissolve crystals in the urine. A catheter will need to be inserted if a blockage occurs. You will also need to limit the amount of stress your cat endures.

Author: Darrin Swain