A cat, just like other animals, has a specific time during which they conceive and are ready to give birth. During this time, her physical appearances, needs, and even behavior will change greatly. At this point in time, we all want to know how to care for a pregnant cat. It can be challenging but with the right information, you will find it very easy. There are a few things you need to know to be able to care well for your cat.

Every cat owner knows how exciting it is to have kitten. It’s one of the most exciting things for you and your cat. However, before you find fur at almost every corner of your house, you need to prepare in advance. So how long are cats pregnant?  How do I know my cat is pregnant and how should I care for my pregnant cat? If you have any of those questions in your mind, read on.

Pregnant cat in the grass

Is she pregnant?

I know you are wondering whether your cat is pregnant right now or you just want to get some information about her pregnancy. If you are not very active, you will not notice when she gets pregnant. However, there are some signs that will accrue later on giving you some insights. You don’t have to assume your cat is pregnant because of some little signs. There are several other things that can cause the same signs. This means that you should do something to be very sure the signs are as a result of pregnancy.

How long is a cat pregnant?

Cat pregnancy lasts for about 63 days. However, cats can be pregnant for as long as 67 days. This means that it’s tough to know the specific time when the cat is likely to give birth. As a matter of fact, gestation period for cats can vary greatly from 61 days to 72 days. For the first few days, you will not be able to notice any signs that your cat is pregnant. I am trying to mean that if you want to confirm this fast enough, then you should talk to your vet.

How to tell if your cat is pregnant week-by-week: Time gestation timeline caring for your pregnant queen.

Cat in a wicker basket

There are several signs that can inform your guess when you are wondering whether your cat is pregnant. After some weeks of a cat’s pregnancy, you will notice that her nipples are red and enlarged. This is what is known as ‘pinking-up’.

The cats just like human beings can experience morning sicknesses. The cat may go through a stage of vomiting and show other signs of morning sickness including tiredness and laziness. In this case, you are supposed to be very observant and notice when her sickness is worsening. If you notice anything serious, then you should contact your vet immediately.

Check the tummy and you will notice that her tummy is swelling. You shouldn’t touch or press her tummy because you can hurt the unborn kittens or the queen. Though, there are several other reasons behind a swelling cat belly. This means that you should be very observant and also monitor the cat closely for any signs or symptoms of a serious condition.

During pregnancy, the cat will also gain weight. In most cases, the queen is likely to gain 1-2 kgs which depends on the number of kittens she has. You will also notice an increase in appetite which is the main reason why she added some weight. However, there are several other reasons why the cat would want to eat more. So, check for signs of worms or illnesses through her poop and vomit.

As the days elapse, the cat will start acting more maternal which includes purring and seeking more attention from the caregiver.

If the signs are confusing, you can contact your vet. Most vets can diagnose a cat’s pregnancy at a early stage using Ultrasound. They can actually notice it anywhere from 21 days. The vet will also advise you on how to care for the cat and give you the number of kitten to expect.

Tips to prepare for the big day

Now that you are sure your cat is pregnant, there are several things you should do as preparations for the big day. At this point in time, we are going to list all the things that you should do as first steps of waiting for your kitten.

Prepare a space

Immediately you notice that your cat is pregnant and she is approaching her last days, you should prepare a space for her. Make sure that the space is comfortable and safe for her little kittens.

Check for signs of impending labor

After confirming your cat is pregnant, you should always be on the lookout for any signs of impending labor. Check to notice whether there are any changes on her behavior. If the cat refuses to eat food and looks for a private area, it could be that she’s in labor. Your cat’s temperature dropping significantly within 12 hours.

Be ready

Being ready for her labor is also very imperative. This means that you should remain calm and be ready for all the things. The cat will be in pain during labor and will start meowing and yowling in labor. So you ought to know how to help her.

Later stages of cat pregnancy

The last stages of a cat’s pregnancy are very clear. As a matter of fact, the cat will find a nesting spot or get to the place you have already prepared. The second stage is that the contractions will begin and the kitten will be pushed out. After that, the placenta will be expelled.

Frequently asked Questions

Cat with babies

At what age can a cat get pregnant?
Cats from the age of 4 months can get pregnant. This is only when she’s not being spayed to prevent pregnancy.

What time of the year is my cat in heat?
Cats that are not spayed to prevent pregnancy are likely to get in heat seasonally but mostly somewhere between February and October.

How do veterinarians confirm if my cat is pregnant?
There are several tests that a vet can conduct to confirm a cat’s pregnancy. These methods include Ultrasound, palpation, X-rays, and Feline Pregnancy tests.

Which kitten food is the best for pregnant cats?
Although there are many foods you can feed your pregnant queen. You should start as soon as you discover your cat is pregnant.