Every living being needs food and water to survive. There are times when we, human beings don’t feel like eating, and reasons can be anything like because of physical illness or emotional issues. We can always share and find out solutions by ourselves but what about animals? They can’t speak or share and sometimes they fail to express as well. What will you do when that happens?

The first thing that comes to mind is consulting a vet, though that is an ideal solution before that, you will have to know that there is something wrong with your little one and for that you must know everything about the pet you are having.

Cat Not Eating

Having a cat as a pet is such a blessing, though they are bit moody and picky; they will always love you no matter what! If you have or had a dog, you will be aware of the situation or problems you would have faced when you were busy with something. Probably, you won’t be facing that problem with the cat as a pet. They are so understanding.

They are the intelligent pets you can have, they groom themselves (still you will need to take them to the groomer once in a while), learn things quickly, and importantly they are understanding.

Whether it is a dog or a cat, proper care is needed to prevent any life-harming situations. The problem with the cat is that are times when she can’t express her issues and pains. But we are sure as you are with her from the long-term you can easily make out what problems she is facing.

How much should my cat eat

It may be not having lunch, feeling tired, itchy or any of the problem. The main issue on the hand can be about How Long Can A Cat Go Without Food. Not only its answer but solutions are also provided.

Before we move on to the answer, there is one thing that we would like to discuss the reasons or circumstances under which they will start skipping their meal.

Why she won’t eat?

Among them, the first one is about being picky. Yeah, kitties are very picky about their food, and that can also be one of the reasons that they aren’t consuming their food.

Other reasons may include medical and non-medical reasons (being picky).

Medical reasons involve cancer, diabetes, dental issues, kidney disease, UTI, arthritis, pancreatitis and ingestion of some unknown or harmful particle. All these can result in discomfort and loss of appetite.

Other non-medical reasons are hairballs and nasal congestion (as they are short-term and can be easily prevented). If you are on an expedition with your little one or recently you have a renovation in at your place, this may also cause your feline pet in loss of appetite as they are relatively sensitive regarding changes in cat’s surrounding. Or maybe little one is going through anxiety or depression. Even a small change can affect your sensitive kitty, and that will result in loss of appetite.

How often should my cat eat


Now coming to the main point, how long can a cat go without food?

Firstly, let us tell you if your cat is not eating food it can result in a harmful situation, even untimely death. We know that it is scary, but this problem is that serious too.

Cats can survive up to two weeks without eating food, only if she is drinking enough water. She may feel tired and weak due to the lack of proteins and nutrients in her body. But as soon as she starts eating, slowly she will recover and get her energy back.

If she is neither eating food nor drinking water, then this is the alarming situation that may lead to dehydration.

Dehydration can result in organ failure; in most cases, the higher chances are of kidney and liver. It also affects other organs like the stomach, heart and even brain. As it is said, ‘once done can’t be undone.’ If organs have already started shutting down then no matter how much water you get into her system, it won’t improve anything.

How to get a cat to eat


Basically what you can do depends on whether or cat is ill or just being picky.

If she is getting picky, then the things you should do are changing the brand of the food, heating it, giving her a mixture of wet and dry food, get different shape and size of kibble, or try changing flavours. You can even arrange a small cat party at your place and introduce her to new friends; this will help her cope up with anxiety and depression.

If it is because of illness then remember cats aren’t great drinkers, they absorb water from their food only. If your kitty is a good drinker, then the situation is not that alarming. Try to hand-feed her food, if she is refusing to it then make her drink water.

Don’t force-feed her as this will cause her to avoid it more and more. Also, it will increase the chances of a negative effect on her health. You can also make her learn the habit of drinking water, though it can be a little traumatic, it is the best way to avoid the dehydration issues.

Cat refusing food

If she still refuses to it then, do not wait anymore and take her to the vet. He will keep your little buddy on fluids and will save her. Another critical question that we have faced is “when to contact a vet?”

For cats skipping meals is very dangerous and may cause serious condition (untimely death too!). If you can to treat her on your own above were some solutions you could try but do that for 24 hours only if you don’t see any changes till then, the better option is to contact a vet as soon as possible.

As for our opinion, you should immediately contact the vet after you see the changes in her food habits, as to avoid any kind of severe or alarming situations.

Now, as Petsnurturing has helped you in knowing about the situation that you may face if your kitty isn’t eating, start taking precautions or consult your vet and help her live a healthy and happy life.