Having cat urine odor around the home or garden is an unpleasant experience to say the least. Nobody wants their home to be tainted with the stench of urine. Thankfully however, if your home is affected by cat urine smells the problem can be easily remedied. There are a lot of different cleaning solutions you can use to remove cat urine smells and prevent them from lingering.

The solutions range from fancy store bought cleaning agents to simple homemade natural remedies. Your choice of what to use to get rid of cat urine smells will depend on your preferences and budget. The simplest solution in terms of time and effort is going to the store and buying some specialized pet urine removal liquid. There are several different brands to choose from; however you should make sure that whatever one you choose does not contain ammonia. The reason for this is that ammonia is present in urine naturally. When you clean with a product that contains ammonia your cat can mistake this ammonia smell for the smell of another cat’s urine. This causes them to mark their territory by spraying even more urine around the affected area. That is why any cleaning agent with ammonia has to be avoided. However if you have a little more time on your hands or a little less money you can try some home solutions.

Obviously the most simple and commonly used home solution for cat urine odor removal is warm soapy water. However this is usually only strong enough to tackle urine stains that are still moist or have been recently made. For dried in stains something more substantial and heavy duty is usually needed for cleaning. This is where the creativity comes in; you need to look to natures stain removing agents. One of which is baking soda/powder mixed with lemon juice and hot soapy water. This will really bubble and work away at nasty old urine stains and smells, you have to leave it to set through before washing it back out. Once you have done this the majority of the visible stain and the odor of urine should be gone.

Once you have gotten rid of the cat urine smell from your home you have to make sure it never comes back. Cats need to be trained how to use a litter tray to make sure they never pee anywhere else. Once your cat is litter box trained they should stay that way unless there is a change in circumstances. Some things can throw a cat out of sync, but in general once he/she is litter box trained they will stay that way.

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Author: Darrin Swain