You got a kitty, and you prepared well for her or him: you got a lovely bed, toys, delicious food, you’ve looked up litter robot 3 open air reviews and got one. Now you’re all set to hang out with her or him, but you noticed something: while they spend most of their time cuddling and playing, every now and then, they’ll resort to a much-less desirable behavior: biting. Now, this is quite normal behavior, so you shouldn’t be worried that they’re trying to attack you. It’s all part of their world exploration. However, you’re likely going to want to discourage them from doing so, and this article is here to help with that.

Start as Early as Possible

Baby Kitten on Bed

Like it is the case with many other baby pets, biting doesn’t worry some owners at this stage. They see it as quite cute, which means that they’re quite prepared to ignore it. The problem is that the kitten will, at one point, grow up, and will continue biting at a time when it won’t be all that cute anymore. In addition to keeping your skin safe, training early has another great benefit: it will bring you and the kitten closer together.


Cat in a box

As soon as your little cat starts to bite, it’s a good idea to go out and get a few different toys that can help her or him play-hunt. Afterall, it’s in their instinct to do so, and it’s a much better idea to have a few toys to “hunt”, rather than have to use your hand as prey. It’s important to have more than one, because otherwise, the kitty will soon get bored with the toy and go back to your hand. As such, paying close attention to his or her input, and removing the boring toy and replacing it with another one are great ways of achieving success.


Cat playing with a puzzle toy

Cats are used to working hard for their food; thing that doesn’t really happen when they live in a house or apartment. However, there are ways in which you can help her or him put some effort into the act of feeding, and that comes in the form of food puzzles. These mimic foraging quite well, which means that your kitty will be able to satisfy at least a little bit her hunting instincts.

Praise Them When They’re Good

Man Holding Kitten

Positive reinforcement can be an incredibly great tool for training. This way, you’re going to encourage the kitty to continue exhibiting behaviors you want from them whether that is playing with their favorite toy, or cuddling up next to you.

Hiss at Them

White cat hissing

Animals have their ways of speaking to each other, particularly when another is doing something they don’t like. For cats, communicating this comes in the form of a hiss. Since this is what they are naturally more used to, it can be a great idea to use it to let them know that what they’re doing is hurting you.

Adopt Two at a Time

Two Kittens Playing

When you adopt two, rather than just one, you’re going to inevitably notice that there will be less biting. That’s because another cat is the best “teacher” when it comes to letting one of their own species know that biting hurts. Plus, they will spend loads of time playing together, which means that you won’t have a lonely kitty who has nothing to do all day while you’re at work, or are simply out.

Stopping your cat from biting is the type of work that should be started as early as possible. Ideally, you should adopt two kittens, but this may not be an option for some individuals. If this is the case, make sure that you’ve got plenty of toys on hand, and that you change them up on a regular basis, to keep the cat interested in them. Food puzzles are also a great idea, since they mimic the foraging behavior a cat would have to engage in when in the wild. Ensuring that you “speak” in their own tongue is an incredible aid, as hissing is what they naturally perceive to mean “I don’t like that”. Finally, you shouldn’t stop at scolding them when they’re bad, since positive reinforcement can also be a very valuable tool in helping them exhibit certain types of behaviors and eliminate others. All in all, training your kitty will take time and effort, but the reward is going to be incredibly satisfying, as you’ll end up with a cat that’s well-mannered.