Guest Posting Guidelines

Contribute to All Our Paws

All Our Paws welcomes our fan base to submit pet blogs, profiles, product reviews, or other pieces related to pet care. There are many different types of pets out there and the more information someone can have before adopting, the more likely the pet will be a good fit.  If you would like to submit something to us to use on All Our Paws, please feel free to use the Contact Us form to send it to us.

Please be sure you agree with the following rules before submitting:

  • Any work submitted must be written by the submitter and previously unpublished.
  • By sending submissions to All Our Paws you are authorizing them to be able to use your work by posting to All Our Paws, use in advertising pieces, or any other manner pertinent to All Our Paws. All Our Paws will always give the author credit and will never sell another author’s piece.
  • All Our Paws staff reserve the right to modify the content for length and/or general grammatical errors, if required.
  • All Our Paws will happily allow up to two (2) relevant web links to external sites and full credit will be given to the author at the end of the article, if requested.
  • If images are sent to All Our Paws to use with the piece, please notate where they were obtained and verify the images can be freely used, or that All Our Paws has written permission to use them from the owner.
  • All Our Paws does not promote breeding and will not publish articles promoting breeding (finding breeders for specicalized service dogs, K9 Unit dogs, etc are an exception).
  • All Our Paws does not offer monetary payment for articles.
  • Submitting content does not guarantee that All Our Paws will publish the submission.

We look forward to your submissions to help All Our Paws be the best pet educational site on the net!