It’s believed that the history of the relationship between man and his canine companion goes back more than a millennium. What we are sure of is that these two species share a rather unique bond which keeps on evolving as time progresses. Man has pumped quite a significant amount of resources into getting to know these animals better while at the same make life better for them. Several families and individuals have taken these furry animals as pets. On the other hand, we have policing units across the globe using them for security reasons.

Dogs play multiple roles in our lives. In fact, in recent years we have seen an increase of them as emotional support animals. They’re invaluable to individuals struggling with various mental health issues. Therefore, when given to write on the topic there are several prompts which any person can use. We have identified some 10 writing ideas about these animals for kids and which will be fun for them to explore.

  1. Taking Your Doggy to School

Although we have made the topic very specific by stating “school” it’s worth noting there are several other places that you can take your these furry animals. Kids can write about taking and spending a whole day in schools with this pet. Other areas of interest can be a day in the park, hiking/camping, vacation or the vet’s place.

  1. Naming/Tagging Your Pet

Ideas to explore under this topic include;

  • How you came to give your canine friend their name

  • How the name tag brought your pet back to you

  • How your furry companion finally accepted its name

  • Why naming your pet is important

  • Finding the right name

There are so many angles to explore when thinking of prompts that relate to naming dogs. The key is to make it close to your heart, realistic and very relatable to the audience. Kids have to make their story move readers.

  1. Dog Care and Maintenance

Through writing it’s possible to assess the level of care and maintenance provided to the pups. Prompts on this topic include:

  • Describe your puppy’s daily care schedule

  • How often does your hound take a bath?

  • How often should you take your pooch to the vet?

  • Best foods

  • Should we have our canine companions indoors or should they reside outdoors?

  1. Emotional Support Dogs

Research has shown that our canine friends can display care and be affectionate to their owners. It’s for this reason that there’s a growing increase in the number of emotional support doggies. Kids can write essays where they can express how they feel with regards to having them as pets or about the time they spend together.

  1. The Breeds

Prompts on the breeds will include;

  • Discuss the different pup varieties

  • Describe your pet

  • Which varieties are perfect for policing and why?

  • Which are the best breeds for families and why?

  1. The Adventures of the Dog

These animals are known for being adventurous. Suggestions include;

  • One Saturday afternoon when you and your two friends were on your usual weekend stroll through the park, your doggy uncovers a secret passageway underground while trying to dig out a bone.

  • How your furry friend rescued a stranger’s life

  • During the day her canine friend was the sweetest and most adorable, but in the dark, he was a hero, a ruthless hunter chasing after crime doers

  1. Friendships and Relationships

Kids can write of the beautiful, unforeseen and unlikely relationships that hounds form from time to time. They can write of a story told of an owner who formed a unique friendship with their pooch or about an unlikely relationship between them and a parrot. The compositions can explore their ability to form bonds with animals from other species to the extent of creating a unique communication system.

  1. Training Dogs

The prompt can be ways pet owners can teach them grooming and feeding habits. It can be a step by step explanation of the process. Training hounds for the police force or other rescue missions and so on.

  1. Security

The composition can be on how they are best for providing extra protection, or the best breeds for security. Kids can discuss how their furry companions make them feel safe and so on.

  1. The Life of Dogs

If your kid has watched the movie “The Secret Life of Pets” directed by Chris Renaud, then this prompt will make more sense. Through imagination, kids can discuss the life of their canine friends in a day. It could also be on dressing pups, their preferences and so on.


The above 10 prompts are among the many that kids can explore and that are available at the theessaywriter. They can also access professional writing help from the platform. What other prompts about dogs do you have that children can explore? Please share with us and let us know if these prompts were helpful.

About the author: Mollie Porein is a self-employed blogger fond of writing articles related to education and marketing. She enjoys reading and traveling. Apart from that, Mollie loves listening to music and watching entertainment movies.