Have you recently brought a dog into your home and your family? You might be interested in spending more time with your pup and really helping your connection thrive. There is a range of ways to spend time with your dog. Here are some of the suggestions we recommend you explore. 

Teach Them Tricks

First, you should think about teaching your pet pooch tricks. Teaching your dog tricks can be great fun and will provide you with a way to spend more time with your dog that is rewarding for both you and your pet. Dogs are incredibly intelligent. They can do more than sit and fetch. They can learn a lot of different things. It could be worth exploring the boundaries of their capabilities when it comes to learning. Particularly, if you have a dog from a breed that is known for being smarter than others. 

Enter Them Into Competitions

Next, you should think about entering them into competitions. This is the obvious next step if you enjoy teaching your dog new tricks and different lessons. By entering them into competitions you open up a whole avenue of possibilities. For instance, you might be able to move onto stunt dog shows. This also provides you with the chance to bond with your animal. Any professional will tell you that you won’t find success here unless you and your dog have a deep understanding of one another. 

Doggy Playdates 

Alternatively, you could explore a dog playdate. This is essentially where you get together with another dog owner and let your pups play together. It can be as simple as going for a walk or you could be more adventurous. This is great for young dogs and the perfect way to ensure that they do learn how to socialize effectively. Don’t be discouraged if your first playdate isn’t a great success. Try again and think about arranging a few different playdates. It’s great if you can socialize your dog with a variety of different breeds and sizes of dogs. The more comfortable they are with different dogs, the easier your life will be. 

Exercise Buddies

Finally, you might have struggled to get on an exercise routine and commit to it in the past. Spending time with your dog can solve this problem. Dogs need daily exercise and some breeds require more than others. That’s why it’s worth researching the needs and requirements of the individual breed that you have. You might also want to consider trying different types of exercise too. For instance, some dogs are excellent swimmers and love the water. So, this could be the perfect opportunity to try wild swimming and discover the benefits, if you can find a safe environment. 

We hope this helps you see that there are lots of different ways that you can spend more time with your pup. If you explore these options, you won’t be disappointed with what it brings to your world. You’ll be able to build up your connection with your pup.