Dogs are intelligent animals. They have feelings and will be a loving and loyal pet if they are treated right. They can be trained quite easily and most times are an asset to their owners. There are some things that you should never do to them though, as they can be unsettled if they get upset.

Don’t Leave Them Alone In A Car

Every year there are reports in the media about dogs that have been left alone in cars in hot weather, and how those dogs have been rescued or not found until it is too late.  In warmer weather, cars have the greenhouse effect and become very hot internally quite quickly. In the winter months, they can become like a fridge and the consequences of leaving a dog alone in this weather can be just as severe.  The answer is that your dog should never be left alone in a car any time of year.

Sitting on their own in a car also makes them a target for thieves, and if they are feeling unwell because it is too hot or too cold in the car, they will just be pleased to be rescued and are more likely not to resist when the thieves try to take them.

Don’t Feed Them Foods That Are Bad For Them

It can be very tempting to give your dog a square of chocolate when you are eating some and they are looking at you longingly. Chocolate is one of several foods humans eat that are bad for dogs and can make them ill – you can read about others at Pet Gear Lab. They should not have anything with onions in, and should never be given grapes or raisins. There are complete lists of foods that your dog should not have online, but one of the worst is the artificial sweetener used in sugar-free gum. That can be fatal for them.

Don’t Hit Them

Some people seem to think that hitting a dog is like smacking a naughty child, but it is not. Hitting your dog as a form of punishment will damage your relationship with them and stress them out, then they are more likely to be disobedient. Dogs have feelings as well as being clever, and the best way to train them is with positive reinforcement.

All that hitting does is teach them fear and not to trust you, and it could make them depressed, as they have similar emotions to humans.

Don’t Miss Vet Visits

Most people would take their dog to the vet if they think they are ill, but regular visits can help to prevent that happening. The vet will have records of everything from each visit, and will be able to spot is something does not seem quite right. They can then be treated sooner rather than later and that can cut the risk of a serious illness or condition developing.

The vet will also be able to check their teeth, as they are something else that should not be ignored. Regular brushing is as vital for their teeth as it is for your, but never use a human toothpaste as they can have things in that will make your dog sick.

Take good care of your dog and you will be rewarded many times over!