A bond between a baby and a dog is extremely special. The baby teaches dog to be responsible and dog, in return, showers the baby with an abundance of love. This will only come true when you properly introduce your newborn baby to your furry baby. There have been instances where the baby and dog didn’t go along well, or the dog hurt the baby, irrespective of the breed. And the main cause of this is lack of obedience training. Therefore, you need to be cautious when introducing your baby to the dog. 

To all new parents, here we have compiled a list of helpful tips on how to introduce your baby to the dog.

This Will Help Your Dog Adapt to The Change in A Positive Manner.

1. Establish Boundaries

The first step to this new journey is establishing boundaries. Sure, your dog will be excited to meet the baby, but he must know that he needs to be gentle with it. Thus, taming the dog and teaching him to obey orders is a must. Moreover, let him know that certain places such as the baby’s stroller, nursery is off-limits, so he doesn’t unknowingly hurt the baby. The dog should be allowed in only with the supervision and should know to leave as soon as you give a command. This implies that you’re the leader and he must obey you and prevents and accidents.

2. Get the Dog Acquainted with Baby Items

Before you bring your baby home, let your dog get acquainted with the toys and baby’s items. Keep in mind, only let the dog have a look at these things. Make it clear that he isn’t allowed to touch any of the baby items. Moreover, you can also carry a doll around so the dog thinks of it as normal behaviour and won’t make a fuss when you’re carrying the baby in your house.

3. Baby Scent 

Dogs associate things with their scents, so to make your dog familiar with the baby, get him clothes that smell like the baby. Either a burp cloth or anything that has a baby’s scent on it can be used. Therefore, when the day of introduction comes, your dog will remain well behaved as he’s already familiar with the baby’s scents.

4. Time for The Introduction!

Once you’ve done the above things, you are ready to introduce them! Taking the dog for a long walk before this helps a lot as he’ll be exhausted by the end and will remain quiet when he meets the baby for the first time. If the dog is already familiar with the baby’s scent, he won’t be that curious. On the contrary, the dog might get excited or alert upon sensing a new person around.

Initially, the doggo should only be allowed to sniff the baby, that too from a safe distance. Never bring him too close, even if he’s well behaved. Gradually increase the time your dog spends with the baby, once he realizes that the baby is also a leader that he must look after. 

5. Baby’s Safety is Priority 

Above everything else, the safety of your baby comes first. Thus, never leave your dog unsupervised with the baby. For their relationship to develop in a caring and loving one, dog and baby both should be taught their boundaries. Then only that bond can flourish into a beautiful friendship.

We advise all pet parents to follow these tips before they bring their precious baby home. New parents tend to get too busy with their baby, so ensure you don’t forget to look after your furry pal, who’s been there for you through thick and thin! 

Even after the baby arrives, shower the same love to your doggo and let him know that nothing has changed, he’s still the lovable kid you brought home! You’re going to have a super hectic life with a new addition to the family, so try to stock up on the pet supplies beforehand. This way, you will never forget to administer flea and tick preventive to your doggo.  So, while you’re purchasing for your newborn baby, get some pet supplies for your dog as well.

About Author: Jamie Hytten is a passionate pet lover & Freelance writer from Birmingham, USA. He loves to share his knowledge & experiences of pet health care through his articles. When he is not writing, Jamie loves to watch anime & explore new places with his pals.