Caring for a dog involves many different considerations, from mental health to physical health, vet trips, and days out. To help you take good care of your dog, here are five useful apps.


The Fitbark app sends an alert when your dog moves outside of a safe place. The app was designed for emergencies so that you can track your dog using your phone. The app monitors both activities and sleep, helping you to stay on top of your dog’s health and movements. You can use the app to keep your dog active and to track behavioral changes. Using the features you can monitor mobility, anxiety, and skin conditions. There are plenty of features to take advantage of including:

  • Safe Place Notifications: Create safe zones, including your home, a friend’s house, the park, etc.
  • GPS Location: Track your dog if there’s an emergency.
  • Track sleep and activity: Get insights into your dog’s exercise and behavior.

Every Doggie 

Every Doggie is an excellent Dog Training app, the app includes hundreds of guided videos. Categories include potty training, leash training, tricks, and more. To train with your dog and bond with them at the same time, this is the perfect app. Every Doggie offers a personalized training program, catered especially to your pooch. All of the content is created by expert dog trainers with plenty of experience. Users can access features such as:

  • Plenty of tricks to teach your dog.
  • Doggie problem-solving guides.
  • Tips for behavioral problems.
  • Lots of games and tricks.
  • Videos to support your training.


PetCoach is a great app to get veterinary advice. Using the app you can ask questions about your pet’s nutrition, behavior, or health. You can get advice from dog trainers, pet nutritionists, and vets. Here you can learn plenty of useful info whether it’s about potty training, or preventing fleas. Learn how to improve your dog’s diet, or what to do about a badly behaved dog.

Dog Buddy

The Dog Buddy app is a place to track all the important info about your dog. You can use the app to record your dog’s milestones, track weight, and store medical info. You can save pictures, and keep note of your dog’s allergies. The app also includes dog first aid instructions, to support you in the event of an emergency.

All Trails 

For hiking lovers, All Trails is an amazing app. You can use the tool to look for dog-friendly trails in your area. You can explore thousands of trails, there are maps, reviews, and tips. No matter what your level of hiking experience, All Trails can help you to find a hike for you. Use the app to plan the perfect day out with your dog. To keep your dog happy, regular exercise is important.

All of these apps can help you to look after your dog’s health and wellbeing. For other ideas to support your dog’s health, consider massages, herbal supplements, or music therapy. If you want to treat your pooch to a gift, try a new dog toy or a cute frenchie blanket. There are so many different ways to take great care of your dog!