Spending just ten to twenty minutes with your dog makes all the stress go away. They are a perfect stress busting, happiness-generating, and tail wagging balls of fur that you just can’t stop hugging. When they get older, it becomes our duty to take good care of them and try to make our homes more conducive for them to live to a happy, old age.
Climbing stairs can be tiring and extremely difficult for your senior dog as many of them suffer from arthritis or may have joint pains in general. It makes them reluctant to move, have an aversion to stairs, and they even find it difficult to walk or even stand in many cases. With such disability, if they are made to climb stairs, the stress on the legs and hips could cause severe pain.
You or your family members might not be willing or capable of lifting your dog up or down the stairs or modifying the space for him to move around. The best solution is to install a ramp or pet stairs and train your dog to use it.  For more information on pet stairs and ramps, check out this infographic from Top Dog Tips. It can also be helpful for injured dogs that are still in recovery phase besides senior dogs.