The idea of getting a new puppy is enough to excite even the most cold-hearted person. Their little paws ‘pap-papping’ along and their tails wagging every time they see you is one of the most amazing experiences that you can have in life. However, are you truly ready for a new puppy? You’ve probably seen the adverts that say “a dog is for life, not just for Christmas” and thought to yourself that you could never give up your pet. Sadly, many people think that and then find that once they have their new furry friend, they can’t keep up with the needs and demands that having a puppy or a dog brings. Take a look at these must-haves for a new puppy and see if you’re truly ready to have a dog.

Three puppies on a gravel road


To a dog, their owner is the only person that matters to them, and when their owner comes home from work or even a quick trip to the store, a dog will become thrilled at the fact that their owner is finally home. You need to be able to give your dog the time of day to spend time with it, play with it, and even cuddle your dog. Try to remember that unlike humans, your dog only has one person in mind that they want to spend time with; you. If you don’t have the time to spend with your dog, then now might not be the right time to consider buying one.


One thing that all dogs have one heck of a lot of, is stamina. Depending on what kind of dog you’re getting, you will need to walk them at least once a day and sometimes more if you’ve got a dog that needs a lot of exercise to stay healthy. Keeping a dog cooped up inside will cause chaos in your home because dogs have a lot of built up energy that they need to release. So, if you were to say, get a couple of vizsla puppies, you can expect to be out and about with them quite a bit as their origin comes from hunting alongside horses who as you know, have incredible amounts of stamina. Make sure that you’re able to give your dog the exercise so that they stay healthy and so that you can avoid your home being torn apart by an overly excited dog.


To keep a happy and healthy dog, you need to be investing in what kind of food they are eating too. Some dogs thrive well with normal supermarket branded foods, but other dogs need specially made food so that they can grow as expected and fight off any germs and nasties. Be sure to research what kind of food the breed of dog you’re after needs and make sure that you’re going to be able to give it to them. If now isn’t the right time, put it off until you’re able to do so.

Vet bills

Like humans, dogs need vaccinations to keep them safe from diseases that could make them very poorly or even worse; kill them. Again, like humans, these vaccinations can cost a lot of money, and you need to make sure that you’re able to pay for your dog’s health care bills. The same goes for if they become sick or need surgery, you will need to be able to find the money to return them to good health. Take a look at your income and make sure that you’re able to afford bills like these should they crop up. Of course, health insurance is available for dogs, so that might be a route to investigate.


Dogs need discipline, just like children do when they are small. A lot of time and energy goes into raising a well-behaved child; as does raising a well-behaved dog. Some dogs are harder than others to teach good behavior to, so if you feel like you may struggle with the breed that you’re after, then consider behavior school for dogs so that you’re able to get a helping hand with disciplining your dog. Remember that a dog is only as well behaved as its owner, and if you come across a dog that lashes out or is nasty, it’s probably because of the treatment that the dog is getting from its owners.


One thing that every creature on this earth needs is love, especially dogs. Giving your dog the love it needs and deserves is essential to your dog’s development. Like mentioned above, if you’re not showing your dog love and treating it wrong, your dog may turn out to snap at strangers and not be a very nice tempered dog in general. Show your dog love by giving them lots of cuddles, praise, and attention every day.

Two puppies in a hammock


All dogs need plenty of space. As mentioned earlier, you will need to walk your dog at least once a day so that they can burn off any built up energy. However, it’s not just once a day that you will notice these random bursts of energy. Having a lot of space (ideally outside) for your dog to run around and play in is important for keeping your dog as happy and as healthy as possible. Keeping a dog cooped up can and will lead to chaos. If you don’t have a garden, consider taking your dog out for a walk more often than just once a day so that they can get the exercise they need.


Finally, even though your doggy might have plenty of fur on their bodies, they need warmth just as much as humans do. Keeping your dog in the garden for too long or having them sleep in a cold room isn’t going to do their immune systems any favors. Make sure that they always have access to a warm space in your home so that they can regulate their body temperatures. Likewise with cooler spaces too for those particularly hot days!

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