It is very important that before you adopt or purchase a pet that you understand the animal and what requirements the animal has. Don’t ever pick a pet based on color or how cute they are. Many wonderful looking cute animals can be very demanding pets as well as destroy everything in your house. Do your research before you decide on the right pet for you. You may be a very social person and not be home much or someone that just doesn’t want a large amount of responsibility. A highly active and energetic dog should not be a choice for someone like this. Maybe a cat or a couple laid back and lazy dogs would be a better choice than a Jack Russel Terrier. I say a couple lazy dogs because dogs are a pack animal by nature and they need association with other dogs or humans to be content. If you are not home much, please be sure you give them what they need by offering them a “live in companion”. Any dog needs run time and play time so be sure you can give them that if you decide a dog is right for you.


Puppies are so cute!  Don’t you just love them?  When you adopt a puppy you need to think about what your getting into.  A puppy likes to chew and doesn’t understand that your living room rug isn’t the correct spot to go to the bathroom.  This takes time and patience and a caring person to work with and teach the little guy what to do and not to do.  A puppy doesn’t understand English or any other language for that matter.  Be sure you have the time to train your new puppy before you bring one home.

Outside Dogs

If you are simply going to get a dog, put it outside on a chain and feed and water it, what is the point? This is a horrible and solitary life that the animal does not deserve! I hate to say it, but if you do this and think “well it’s better than it being put down” I feel you are wrong. This type of “abuse” is absolutely sickening and I wish it would be against the law with hard fines and jail time given to people that do this. I’m not saying dogs shouldn’t be outside dogs, but if they are you need to give them all their needs. A companion or two so they can have constant company, a great, well thought out shelter that stops them from getting wet in rain, keeps them warm in very cold weather, clean water constantly, and fresh food daily. If you choose to have outside dogs, for water think of something like a water fountain or the like so you don’t have to worry if your dog has fresh water.  A nice heated bed is a must in cold environments, remember these animals are not wild animals and are not used to the cold.  If you think this doesn’t matter, when it’s 10 below zero go sleep in your shed one night without a heater.  Remember we were once not civilized and we were designed to deal with these temperatures, but modern technology has made people soft and more effected by these things, just the same as pet dogs.

Breeding Your Dog

Ahhh spring is here and the birds and other animals are getting frisky and ready to start their reproduction phase.  You think your child is ready to experience the “Miracle of Life”.  You have a female dog, she isn’t spayed, why not let her get pregnant so your child can experience this great miracle?  I will give you one reason, because in the United States there are tens of thousands of great and healthy dogs put down every year.  You think it’s a good idea to make more of them?  If you want to teach your kid about the miracle of life go to Google and search “child birth video” and let them watch it.  This will teach them real quick what they need to know and without killing any dogs! In addition, please spay and neuter your pets.

Pets to Help Children Learn Responsibility

Your child is ready for a life lesson on responsibility so it’s time to get him or her a pet, right?  Wrong!  This is a horrible reason to buy a pet!  Remember, your child is not adopting a pet, YOU ARE,  So YOU should be ready to take care of the pet if the child doesn’t do it.  If you get your child a pet, you should check on the status of care the pet is receiving every day and if proper care is not being maintained you need to take on the responsibility for this animal.  Remember, these are living creatures even if it’s a fish, a dog, a bird, or a pet hissing cockroach!  If you don’t want the responsibility to care for it, don’t get it!  You have the option, the animal doesn’t.

Look at Pets verses Play with Pets

There are different kinds of pets.  There are play with pets and look at pets.  Don’t get your child a look at pet if you think he or she is going to be trying to handle them constantly.  Some look at pets include many lizards, fish, frogs, gerbils, and many more.  Be sure to research the type of animal and know if it is a type of animal your child can play with or not before getting them.

I’m sorry if I have offended anyone, but if you are a bad pet owner, I’m sorry that you have them.  I do hope that if you are a bad pet owner that you take something away from this post and try to be a better one.  This will make me happy and, much more importantly, make the animals you own a much healthier and happier animal.