By guest blogger Kevin Lauck – Aussie Pet Mobile/Louisville Northeast

aussie-pet-mobileEver wonder why your pet goes nuts when you take it to get groomed? Well for some pets, going to the grooming salon can be compared to how you may feel about going to the dentist – in other words not exactly something they look forward to. It doesn’t have to be that way though. What if you could have someone pull up to your home, have your pet groomed in a customized van and then returned to you a short time later looking and smelling wonderful, without all the fuss?

Mobile grooming benefits both your pet and you in many ways. Your pet will generally feel a reduced level of stress and anxiety due to the fact that they are nearer to home and the time in the van is often far less than if they are dropped off at a grooming salon. Much of this additional time is normally spent not being groomed, but in a cage used by other pets. The cage is where they are also dried in a process called kennel drying, with a blow dryer positioned directly on them, sometimes for hours. Depending on the length of time they are there, they may not be given water or potty breaks.

Additionally, at a salon, your pet may also be surrounded by other hostile animals or exposed to infectious diseases such as bordetella, commonly known as kennel cough. With a mobile groomer, each pet is groomed individually, receiving the full time and attention of the groomer. And while it is important for all pets, it is particularly valuable for those that are elderly or have special needs. And for those of you with larger pets or heavy shedders, do you really want to bother with loading them up in your car? And think about when it is you normally are taking your pet to the groomer: on the way to and from work when traffic is at its worst.

As you can see, mobile grooming is a wonderful alternative, with less hassle for you and less stress on your pet. Give it a try!

Kevin Lauck is owner of Aussie Pet Mobile/Louisville Northeast and can be reached at 502-365-1626.