Leaving your dogs behind is one of the most challenging tasks, even if it’s for a shorter duration. The dilemma worsens when there is nobody to give the significant responsibility of ensuring the overall safety of your canine friends. That’s where Dog Crates come into the picture.

Earlier, people used to leave their dogs and other pets at someone’s place. But, owing to our busy lifestyle and hectic schedule, who would like to take an additional responsibility?

These crates may look repulsive and caging at first. However, in reality, they are your greatest aid in keeping your dogs out of trouble whenever they are left on their own.

Now, you could quickly leave your dogs inside the crate giving him the security of home while you’re busy running errands.

Why Crates are A Must for All Dog Owners

Dog in a Crate


A crate is a superficial home for your dogs whenever you are not there to supervise their actions.

The crates are usually the bed and resting sanctuary of a pet dog whose master is away for a couple of hours. The primary purpose of containers is to provide security to your dogs inside the confinement and also for training dogs known to exhibit destructive and aggressive behavior.

Some of the dog owners also use crates for carrying smaller pups whenever they are traveling along with their beloved pets. Additionally, these crates are used for building better sleeping habits in your pets as well.

Choosing Right Dog Crates for Your Canine Friends

Dog Crate Types

The most common of crates’ type resembles a metal cage made up of iron bars and sheets. But with the advent of several polymers and alloy substitutes, the design and material underwent a great deal of transformation.

Presently, the dog owners have the liberty to choose from a wide set of options available in the crates’ market.

Options such as plastics crates, synthetic fiber crates, heavy-duty and furniture crates, and many more are available, providing a hassle-free and secure living for your dogs.

Several big names are now in the market selling their easy to store, easy to carry, and easy to assemble and disassemble crates.

Based on the type of advantages and popularity among the consumer strata, here are five of the best dog crates known for the ease and comfort they provide:

Midwest Ultima Pro Folding Crate

This highly durable wire gauge crate is fit to handle the bigger dogs and other heavy pets. The dimensions of the box are 25L x 18.75W x 20.5 inches, 22.1 lbs with double-sided folding capability.

There are rubber hooves as well as an automatic plastic slider for making it floor-friendly and convenient while cleaning.

The bottom is made up of the lightweight synthetic polymer, making it comfortable for dogs to sleep and can be moved in and out for frequent cleaning.

Its additional qualities include handles for portability and bolt lashes for secure locking up of the doors.

Petmate Compass Plastic Kennel

Petmate is known to deliver the lightest weighted and fully-ventilated crates for both cats and dogs.

The size here is a bit small with dimensions up to 10LBS; hence, those who have a cute little snowball Pomeranian or a dotted Dalmatian most go for this option.

The kennel comes with double doors on either side, allowing the easy in and out the movement of your pets.

Along with the regular metal wire gauge design built over a plastic frame, there are other designs such as carrier kennels, training crates, pen crates, etc.

Midwest Life Stages Pet Crate

Midwest manufactures the best foldable pet crates for intermediate breeds of dogs. The double door metal gauge cage measures 36L x 24W x 27H inches and has some of the extensive features such as free divider panels, roller feet for your convenience in handling.

The sleeping area is made up of waterproof plastic polymers giving your dogs a hygienic sleeping or relaxing area.

The metal used is light and hence can be folded and packed flat in seconds without further aid. There are two side lock latches for confining your dogs inside the secure premises of the crate.

Proselect Empire Dog Cage

This steel gauge crate is counted among the strongest of crate types for large dogs such as police dogs, with each of its steel bars having a diameter of .5 inches.

The cages’ interior of 35.75 inches x 23.5 inches and height of 24.5 inches. Its detachable caster tray and solid firm body are what make it stand out among all its competitors.

The plates can be fixed at the bottom for keeping your dog’s essentials while they are being held in confinement.

There are rollers attached to the legs of the crate, allowing its better transportation. Because of its robust steel body, the crate is known to withstand all sorts of attacks and protests of the strongest of dog breeds.

Crown Pet Crate Table

This crate comes under the segment of furniture crate because of its durable hardwood construction.

A beautifully lacquered hardwood is cast into the table like a crate of dimension 28.7 “D x 22 “W x 24.2 “H with tenon construction.

The body, despite being of hardwood, is adequately ventilated and allows a 360-degree view of the exteriors. There is a guided door moving on either side, which helps further ventilation.

The material is fully coated with melamine making it water-resistant and hence one of the most long-lasting crates for all medium and large breeds.

Dog Sleeping in Open Crate


The markets have given us a plethora of options making the confinement of our dogs easier day by day.

However, our pets need proper training and preparation before being accustomed to crates. Make sure your dogs don’t suffer from anxiety while you are away.

The best crates essentially provide a friendly and less frightening ambiance to your dogs. Make sure your selection is the best and in favor of your dog’s overall well being.