Can a GPS dog fence keep your pup safe?

If you are a pet owner, you must have used or at least heard about wireless and GPS dog fences. These fences are used to keep your pets safe. In the past, physical fences were used to make a boundary around your house so that dogs cannot go outside the fence and remain in reach.

While these fences were useful sometimes they were broken or damaged due to rain etc. Most people do not prefer these fences because they spoil the look of the house from outside. Chain fences are also dangerous for the pets themselves as they can run into them while playing and hurt themselves.

The Invisible fence

These were introduced to make a fenceless boundary through an electronic system to keep a pet or domestic animal within a predefined boundary. No physical barrier is needed rather technology is used to keep your pup within a certain boundary.

In this technology, a pet wears a collar which produces a warning sound when it goes near the boundary. Usually, pets stay away from the boundary due to the alarming sound. But if they cross the boundary a reflex is generated by the collar to give the pet a slight electric correction so he learns to avoid the boundary and soon they get used to of remaining inside the boundary.

Types of fences

Fences come as wired and wireless.

In wired systems, you can define and customize the shape of your boundary as the wires are buried in the ground to be defined as a boundary. This is a permanent installation and you cannot move it once installed. These fences once damaged due to some electric fault are difficult and hassle-some to re-install. Therefore, pet owners are moving towards the second type.

The second type is a wireless system which is easy to install and portable. You can just plug in and set the boundary range and your pet is within the defined range. These are the mostly used fences in the market as they are hidden from the naked eye with convenience and better tracking of your pets.

GPS Vs Wireless dog fences

Although a GPS based containment system is similar to other wireless systems the difference is that a GPS controller doesn’t talk directly to the collar. Instead, the collar receives signals from satellites. The satellite is used to tell the collar its location and send an electric correction when the pet goes outside pre-set boundary. Although the wireless dog fences are portable they are used to cover a circular area so if you have to define a certain shaped boundary the GPS dog fences are more reliable.

Why GPS Dog Fences are preferred

There are many models of GPS dog fences. For some boundary is set by a technician who sets the longitude and latitude on the collar. For example, you tell him that you do not want your pup to go near a pool or to a specific area. He then adjusts the collar and if the pet goes outside the boundary a low-level correction is sent through collar and pet starts to avoid that area

Other models provide a circular shaped boundary. It has a handheld controller from where you can control your dog by giving a signal.

Benefits of GPS Containment System

This system comes with a number of benefits. Firstly, it is wireless and above all worry-less. This is the most advanced invisible fence in the market. It uses the power of GPS satellite technology and you can set the boundary in any size and shape. Unlike other wireless systems that just support a circular area.

You do not have to dig in your ground to bury wires. Absolutely hassle free technology allows you to track and keep your pets safe. It does not have any terrain restrictions. The new technology is the future.

The new GPS containment is completely customizable. So you are the one in charge and you can change the perimeters with no limit.

You can exceed the boundary to the pools or wherever you allow your pet to go.

Most pets are friendly and happy and fast to learn their boundaries so they remain away from the designated area and keep themselves busy in playing and enjoying freedom.

The GPS dog fences have special programming to ensure that if once your pup goes outside the defined boundary despite the electric correction, it does not get locked outside the boundary. Once he has crossed the containment area he will not receive the static correction. Also, he will not get it while crossing the boundary back.

This system also works best if your house is in a sloppy area or there are plenty of trees nearby. You do not have to worry about the coverage around a pond or stream.

The GPS fence system has all the properties of a wired system as well as wireless models. It has many additional qualities which make it better than all the systems.

Its infinitely flexible shape and size make it the market topper. It has an advantage over wireless fences as it can cross boundaries of water so your dog can chill in water and swim without any hindrance. This is due to the fact that collars with GPS systems are completely waterproof and signals are not intercepted by water or metal objects, unlike wireless systems.

Let’s summarize

The GPS systems provide the best value for money and are easy to use. You do not constantly have to worry about the breakage of the physical fence, the static feature of a wired system or less desired features of a wireless dog fence system. The remote of GPS system tells about the status of the collar, location of your dog and provide the custom feature of the perimeters.

The rechargeable collar and remote gives you the freedom to move around when camping etc. The settings of your GPS system are automatically saved and can be customized for separate collars. Some models of GPS containment systems are completely waterproof. They can be used almost for all domestic animals other than dogs and cats. The GPS systems can encompass a wider area more than wireless fences provide. It can be used as a tracker to track the whereabouts of your pet. In these systems, you can create vibrations, sounds or beeps according to your wish and at whatever intensities suit you.