Just like humans, even dogs can come under a lot of stress. Usually pet parents can identify if something is wrong with their pet dogs; however, not all signs are prominent. There are few signs that can be very subtle and can miss the eyes of a pet owner such as increased sniffing, sweaty palms, mouthing, or displacement behavior such as blinking, yawning, nose licking, shaking off as if wet when dry. These signs are often missed because many a times pet parents cannot understand what they mean and may even ignore these signs by giggling at this funny behavior.
However, all of these could be signs of stress in your pet and if you miss it, it can lead to other complications such as behavioral issues. This infographic from Top Dog Tips explains some of the important signs of stress in dogs as well as the reasons that may cause stress in them. It also gives some great tips on how to help your dog if it is stressed. Some simple measures such as spending some extra time or providing a safe zone can help your pet come out of stress pretty quickly. Hopefully, these tips will help you understand pet behavior better and help you identify the problems in the initial stages.