A List of Lovely Dog Breeds You Can Choose From

There’s a lot of history and culture with how we chose to have pets in our home and make them a part of our family, but as years and years have passed, the unconditional love of humans towards the animals has increased to a great extent.  And today if we only consider the UK to count the number of Dogs and Cats people have domesticated, the figure will be way beyond our imagination. This includes various types of species and breeds possessing a variety of qualities in each kind.
Here we are sharing an infographic to all pet lovers containing the list of top 10 dog breeds in UK designed by Kennel Store which will surely help you to choose the next loved one in your family. See the habitats of these dogs like Labrador retriever, dachshund, and pug as well as panda lookalike dog breeds like the French Bulldog, along with the qualities they own. And the most important part, all the gentle and loving dogs in this list are so loyal to their owners that they believe the happiness of their master is more important than their own lives. Have a look at the infographic.
Top 10 Dog Breeds in the UK