As the pet food industry continues to grow, the amount of information about there about feeding our dogs and picking dog food brands expands. Unfortunately, there’s a good chunk of advice and recommendations on how to feed a dog that are based on unsupported theories and old wives’ tales that simply do not hold water.

For example, pet owners have been told time and again that if their dog falls ill and is having problems with kidneys or liver, the only food that will save them is an expensive prescription brand sold at the veterinarian’s office that is usually three or four times the cost of regular dog food brands. Turns out, prescription foods aren’t the only saviors for sick dogs, and if you know what ingredients your dog may need and which ones he must avoid, you can easily pick a regular and cheaper dog food brand instead.

With so much misinformation and lies in the pet food industry, it may be difficult to find a reputable source of information on how and what to feed your dog. Top Dog Tips has put together a massive infographic on dog food myths where they’ve scoured reputable sources to find evidence for the many common claims about canine nutrition.


Take a look and see which of these dog food myths you believed and let us know in the comments!