The age old statement, “dog is man’s best friend” doesn’t quite describe the relationships we have with our pups. In a dog-obsessed culture, we love our fur-children unconditionally, they sleep next to us — and sometimes even in our beds — they make for the ultimate childhood companions, have their own stylish wardrobes, support people as service animals and act as the coolest co-pilots on a road trip.

The evolution of a dogs role has come a long way. They are no longer just the traditional addition to the family Christmas photo, a beggar at the dinner table (although this might still be true) or a pooch in the doghouse. So, as dog moms and dads, it breaks our hearts to leave our fur children behind when we travel. Fortunately, making a road trip with Fido is now more accessible than ever.

Bringing our dogs on a road trip encourages us to be more active, explore new places and search out locations off-the-beaten path. In fact, there’s nothing quite like the open road to make for a great bonding experience with our pups. But just like any seasoned road tripper knows, an extended time in the car can test the patience of even the best traveler, so the same goes for dogs. Just like kids might ask “are we there yet,” dogs express restlessness in their own ways and need special attention when out of their element.

To help you and your fur-child make a successful and fun road trip, CarRentals rounded up some of the top tips for hitting the open road with your dog including an essentials checklist, safety tips, and gear. Whether you’re setting off on the ultimate road trip or planning a few hour route for the weekend, you can rest assured you are prepared to embark on your next adventure.