Just as with humans, pets are getting a whirlwind of new products meant to boost their health. Supplements for your four-legged best friend are becoming more readily available and because of this, it’s essential to educate yourself as a pet owner to know which are good and which are just fads.

You know your dog best. Make sure you always consult with your vet before putting your dog on a new supplement. However, it’s good to have an idea of what you believe they could benefit from to start the discussion.

Gallant has created this list of pup supplements and their ideal uses. Most of these dietary aids are natural, however, some require more of a processes to get your hands (or paws) on. Again, just to be safe always talk to your vet regardless if a supplement requires you to do so.

The best part, a lot of these supplements are also natural!

For example, milk thistle is great for dogs who need extra antioxidant intake or are experiencing liver problems.

On the other hand, Coenzyme Q10 is a powerful drug that can really help with heart issues and can save lives — but too much is harmful. It’s these nuances that pet medication companies don’t always hint on, yet they are essential.

Below you’ll find the full list of the 10 most common dog supplements.

Infographic provided by Gallant.com

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