If you don’t yet have your own furry friend – why ever not? There are so many different benefits to owning a dog. It has even been scientifically proven that waking up beside this beautiful creature makes your life better! So if you’re yet to make a decision, then here are all the incredible ways that they can help you throughout your daily life.

Dogs help increase social interactions.

You may be a person that isn’t very good in social situations. You may find that it is difficult to interact with other people because you aren’t sure what to say or do, your palms get sweaty and your heart rate increases – and because of all this, you choose to stay at home rather than join your colleagues down the local pub. But when you have a dog, they need to be taken out, and also need their own social lives with other dogs too, and this means you’re forced to venture out of your comfort zone – and this is great! You will learn how to better communicate with strangers because there comes a time where you’ll be walking your dog in the park, and they will find a new friend to run around with for a good ten minutes. You will be left alone with the owner, and no one likes awkward silences, so you’ll end up speaking to one another, and it’ll soon become a natural occurrence.

Dogs help to reduce the risk of cardiovascular disease.

The act of petting a dog is a huge form of stress release that studies have shown lower your blood pressure, which means the lower the risk of different heart diseases. This also works because you have to walk your dog, and that in itself is exercise, which is essentially done around three times a day. So you’re getting three workouts – in the morning, afternoon, and evening, which gets your heart pumping all that good stuff around your body. Owning a dog encourages you to be more active and actually enjoy the process because you have an awesome companion that wants to play ball with you every day.

Dogs protect children from skin conditions and allergies.

Children that grow up with dogs have a lower risk of getting skin conditions like eczema, especially when compared to cats. It also helps to prevent them from suffering from allergies in the future, and this is due to something that is found in their fur. Some say having a dog around while they are extremely young gets them used to the fur so that their immune system is strengthened as they grow up later in life, so things like hay fever during the spring and summer don’t affect them as they maybe would have without owning a dog.

Dogs will help humans to recover more quickly from illnesses.

Having a dog gives you that motivation and encouragement to get better. It’s very easy to fall into that trap after suffering from an illness or accident, where you don’t want to go out or be social, or do anything for that matter. You’re just happy to be consumed by negativity, and this is how depression starts. But having a pup around with you will require you to focus on something positive, and they depend on you to look after them. And while you do that, they will be looking after you in their own way with so much love – never asking for anything in return.

Dogs can save your life.

You may not believe in magic, but dogs have a sixth sense for certain things – things that people will never be able to truly understands. They have been able to detect cancer in people’s bodies. There have been many stories about a pup continuously licking, sniffing and staring intensely at a certain area on their owner, who eventually goes to that doctors and later down the line it turns out that they have cancer. Because of this happening a lot, humans have now been able to train dogs to detect cancer in patients in under 3 hours!!

Dogs increase your mood dramatically.

Even spending as little as 15 minutes with your dog can immediately make you feel calm and relaxed, banishing any feelings of stress and lifting your general mood. The act of playing with your little pup increases the levels of dopamine and serotonin in your brain which are associated with the emotion of pleasure and peacefulness. This is also why there are ESA pets out there, which stands for Emotional Support Animal. If you are suffering from a mental illness like depression or anxiety, your health professional may prescribe you a pet as a form of treatment. So if you’re struggling, take a look at how to get an emotional support dog.

Dogs make excellent service and alert animals.

Dogs are incredible animals that make the best service companions if trained properly to cater to people’s different requirements. Take guide dogs; for example, they are able to lead a blind person and let them know when obstacles are in the way. While dogs for the deaf alert their owners if there is someone at the door, and can even communicate in their own way so that their owner understands. There are even dogs that have been trained to bring medication at the same time every morning, and detect when their owner is about to have an epileptic seizure!  Need to travel with your service animals but not sure where to start?  Check out this Guide to Flying with Pets!

Dogs can boost your self-confidence.

Having a dog has been proven to improve your self-esteem, and for children too. They make you feel more confident because they give you so much love and support, and they’re giving it all to you unconditionally, and that makes you feel amazing. If you’re known to get a little anxious when leaving the house on your own – take your dog with you. You are able to go off with your head held high because you have your best friend walking alongside you, and that calms down your anxiety and pushes the stress away.

Dogs make excellent protectors.

Starting out from right when they’re young, dogs pick up the behavior of watching and being aware of the bad energy that is coming towards you. They don’t even need to be taught this, because it is just part of their instincts – just like how we get a gut feeling about things. They will alert you to anything they’re sensing, as well as alerting the potential threat that they’re onto them, so they don’t even try it. This is why dogs are great for protecting a home, because any kind of activity they see or hear, they will soon speak up about it, and burglars don’t seem to like this kind of attention, for good reason.

Dogs are a humans best friend.

Dogs are a highly intelligent creature. They have a high sense of smell, hearing, and sight, that’s why the special forces use them to work with. They have loyalty to us that is incredibly strong, sometimes even unexplainable. Dogs can sense your emotions; they are extremely good at reading your body language and even monitor your eye movements to read how you’re feeling. And this means that a bond is formed between the two of you, and you will be best friends for life.

So what more do you need to hear before you realize that your life will change for the better once you get a dog? They’re amazing, and you will never experience such a special bond like it.