With Christmas just around the corner, its prudent as a dog owner to know exactly how to protect your pup from anything that could cause them harm over the festive period. Luckily, that is exactly the purpose of the guide below. So read on to find out what you should be doing and not doing to keep your pooch happy this Christmas.

Do ensure they get enough walks

While many people see Christmas a chance to relax and pig out on candy and festive treats in front of the TV, Fido is still going to need those walks. That means you will have to peel yourself up and off the couch no matter how comfy and cozy you are, and brave the outdoors at least twice a day. Although many vets recommend at least three walks a day for your pet’s optimum health something, you can read more about at http://www.dogingtonpost.com.

However, do bear in mind that the temperature is likely to drop in many places and that can be very tough on your dog’s paws. Specifically, it can cause problems with their pads, as not only is walking in frozen ground uncomfortable for them, but it can even lead to frostbite in extreme conditions.

To prevent this happening it can be useful to invest in dog boots like the ones reviewed at https://topdogtips.com for walking on the ice and snow. Something that will also help provide added grip in these condition for your pup. However, if your dog won’t wear these then remember to only take them out during the day when the sun has sufficiently warmed the ground and melted the ice.

Don’t keep them outside

Keeping dogs outside on a permanent basis is something of controversial practice in any weather but in the freezing cold and the snow its a definite no-no. That means you need to have a safe and secure place for your pooch to inhabit inside the home this Christmas. Somewhere that will keep them warm and toasty all through the winter season.

Don’t feed them human treats

Unfortunately one of the leading causes of illness in dogs is poisoning that they get from eating human snack and treats. That is why it’s very important to avoid feeding them scraps wherever possible and keep a special watch on what they are eating during the Christmas period. The reason for this being that it is all too easy for them to grab a chocolate when you aren’t looking, with disastrous results.

In particular stay clear of chocolates, especially dark chocolate as well as avocado and coffee as these can have the most dangerous effect. Something else to be very aware of when dogs are around are animal bones such as ones from the Christmas roast as these can cause a choking hazard.

Puppies eating dog treats

You can also help minimize the risk of your pup stealing your Christmas food if you provide them with their own delicious and dog safe treats like the ones from http://veratreats.com for the festive season. Treats like these make an excellent doggie Christmas present because you know you are giving them something that they will enjoy, as well as not cause them any issue with their health or digestion.

Do provide a quiet place during parties

Sleeping DogsChristmas is often a hugely busy and social time, and for some dogs, this can be supremely stressful. With that in mind if you know your pup can get a little over-excited if you have a house full of guests it may be a good idea to come up with a plan of action beforehand.

This may include making sure that they aren’t able to access the front door as people arrive, as this can cause many dogs to bark and jump up. Something that can be intimidating and off-putting for your guests. In addition can be useful to provide access to a quite safe space in a room upstairs for your pet. Then your pooch can retire and get some peace if they feel overwhelmed or threatened by the crowds.

Of course, some pups aren’t aware enough to do this for themselves. In that case, it can be useful to lead them upstairs and pop them in their crate for a nap, if you see them getting a bit over-excited by the festivities.

Don’t forget to arrange care if you are going away

Traveling with DogsLast, of all, Christmas is often a time when we go on vacation or head out of state to visit relatives and exchange gifts. This is usually a fun experience for your humans involved but for your canine friend it can be pretty confusing, especially if you are spending a long time away from home.

To help make this experience easier for them, you have several options. The first is to take your pet with you, although that depends on the hotel or the family member that you will be staying with and whether this will be a practical choice for them.

The second choice is to put your pooch into kennels for the duration, although this does mean that they are out of their familiar surroundings.

The final choice and something that can make the whole experience a lot easier on them is to employ a dog sitter to come to your own home. You can learn all about this process at https://www.care.com, but basically, they are folks that you pay to live in your house while you are away and provide care and company or your dogs.

By using them, you can ensure that your pup gets to stay in their own environment and experience minimal change. Something that can make it a much more pleasant experience for your dog, and for you too. The reason for this being that you are free to enjoy yourself while you are away because you know you are doing the most you can to keep your dog happy over the festive period.

Just remember to book your dog sitter as soon as you can, as December is a very popular month and they can get booked out pretty quickly. Something that may limit your choices with your pup if you are heading out of town this festive season.