There may come a time in your life when you are looking for a bit more in life. Having a dog can bring a lot more to your lifestyle and to your overall enjoyment of life. They are everyone’s best friend, and if you love dogs, then here are four signs that mean you’re ready for a dog.

Your Home Can Cater For One

All breeds of dogs are going to be different, and some will be able to live in apartments, others may need a bigger space due to their size or nature. That’s definitely something that will dictate where you can have a dog and whether the dog you want can be accommodated. You don’t want to be adopting or buying a dog and not being able to cater to its needs. That will only make it a less enjoyable experience for both the dog and yourself, and it would be sad to have to give it back because the living situation didn’t work. Ensure you’ve done your research on what dog you want and whether your home is suitable before you go get one.

The Finances Are Healthy

Having a dog isn’t cheap, their health needs looking after like yours and perhaps unlike yours, their bills need covering by yourself. With that in mind, you want to have healthy finances that can cater for expenses that come with having a dog. Remember that they need food and all the equipment and furnishings that are part of keeping a dog like a dog bed, toys, cleaning and grooming products. There’s a lot of extra expense that comes with a dog, so ensure you can afford it.

You’ve Got Dog-Friendly Working Hours

Although a dog daycare can be useful if you are working during the daytime, your working hours should be accommodating for your dog. Some dogs can spend hours alone whereas, other dogs may only be able to cope for a few hours. If you’re working for long hours and aren’t in most evenings, then you need to reconsider getting a dog because even though you might be ready now, your lifestyle might not be. It’s hard when you want a dog, but you need to ensure that your lifestyle is ready else it’s not fair on the dog who may suffer mentally from no one being in all day.

You’re Ready To Be A Parent

Getting a dog is kind of like being a parent. They rely on you to be feed, to go and do their business, to be exercised. They pretty much need you for everything, and so you need to be in that mindset of having a baby. It’s the responsibility that you have to take on as a dog owner that’s the main thing, and if you’ve still got that mindset of living like a student, then you won’t be ready for a dog.

If you’re ticking off all of the above, then it’s time to search for another member of your family!