Owning a dog can be one of the most joyful things in the world as they become an important part of the family and a great companion. Walking the dog comes with the job of being a dog owner. Some dogs need more exercise than others, but they all need exercise to some degree. However, did you realize that there was a wrong way to walk your dog?

Read on to find out if you’ve been walking your dog wrong this whole time…

Training Your Dog

Training your dog to walk properly is so important. You’re supposed to start this when they’re young, but it’s not too late to start if you’re consistent. Alternatively, you could have a professional come and help you. Use treats to ensure your dog walks next to you, not in front of you. Make sure they will follow your basic commands too, such as sit, lie down, wait, and more. This will make your walks much happier.

Dog Walking on Leash

Allowing Your Dog To Sniff

Some dog owners pull their dogs along when they stop and try to sniff something. This is a huge mistake! Allowing your dog to sniff freely can actually help them to calm any anxieties they may have and figure out who lives in the same area as them. It’s good for them and helps them to stay grounded. If your dog isn’t a dog that sniffs around, it could mean that they are stressed. Try encouraging them to do so and you should help them to reduce their stress.

Pulling On The Lead

When your dog pulls on the lead and you pull back, you’re not doing anything other than causing potential throat problems. It’s unbelievable that people still use those nasty chains around dogs necks, thinking that they will stop them from pulling. They don’t work, all they do is cause pain and stop your dog from breathing properly. Instead, invest your money in a harness that stops your dog from pulling. The place your purchase the harness from should show you how to put on a dog harness, or you can look online. This should stop any pulling issues you have so you can both enjoy your walks more.

Stop Panicking

Do you panic when you’re on a walk with your dog? Don’t! Dogs can pick up on that energy, and it can make them nervous, too. You should never let your dog approach another dog without chatting to the owner, but it’s good for them to socialize. Of course, some aggression may occur, but this isn’t always a bad thing. It can be wise to take a bottle of water with you on your walk, just in case you encounter an aggressive dog that tries to attack your dog. Trying to pull dogs apart won’t work and could mean you end up seriously injured too.

Have you been walking your dog wrong all this time? Start using the tips here and you should both feel happier. Leave your thoughts below!