Sometimes you can’t take your dog on holiday with you and you need to find a suitable alternative. While friends might be a good choice, if you have a needy dog, it might be a lot for them to take on. Similarly, asking a neighbor to pop in and see how your dog is doing won’t really be enough attention to keep him happy while you are away.

The best solution is to find a dog hotel that will cater for all your pets needs in a safe and happy environment. While entrusting your beloved pet to a dog boarding service might worry you, there are a lot of ways to find the best hotel for your family pet.

Are the Other Dogs Happy?

Take tours of several different dog hotels to see what the premises are like before you book your own pet in for a stay. One of the first things you will notice is the mood of the other dogs. Are they occupied with things to do? Can they run around? Do they look like they’re happy?

If you can see that the other dogs are having a great time then it is likely that your dog will fit right in. Some dog hotels will split their guests into smaller groups according to size and temperament, so it is worth asking to see these dogs to see how they are doing.

What are the Facilities Like?

Different dog hotels come with different facilities and you can get a broad range of options from spa treatments at luxury hotels to your basic yard full of toys. Ask about how individual dogs are treated and what the day looks like. You should also enquire about the safety procedures and what will happen in an emergency.

You should also look at your dog’s accommodation. Make sure that the facility is well maintained and cleaned to a high standard. If your dog doesn’t react well to others it might be worth seeing if there are more private rooms available to keep your pet’s stress to a minimum.

Check Your Dog in For One Night

Once you think you have a winner, try checking your dog in for just one night to see how they do. This way, if there is a problem, you can go straight back and collect them, no harm done. Some pet boarding facilities have webcams onsite that will allow you to see how your dog is doing without you. These are great for watching how they interact with their environment and other dogs on the playground.

If you have never checked a pet into a boarding facility before, it can be quite worrying, but this is the best place for them to be fully looked after. The vast majority of boarding facilities are run by animal lovers who consider it a privilege to look after your pet while you are away and you might even find that your dog doesn’t want to come home so quickly!