Living with senior dogs has its own magic. Your friend is no longer the boisterous puppy trying to escape and take your sofa apart. They are much calmer and appreciate a quiet night in curled up next to you on the sofa. However, their needs have also changed throughout the years, even if you haven’t noticed this. Looking after older dogs will require a lot of patience, and you will need to be the real leader and motivator if you would like them to have a happy life. Below you will find a few tips on how to help them enjoy life.

Keep Them Active

You might be worried that your older dog is no longer able to go on long walks or they don’t enjoy playing as much as they used to. In reality, dogs love engaging with their owners and will do anything to impress you. To prevent arthritis and your dog becoming overweight, you should not neglect walks; instead, you will need to have a set routine of walks and challenge your dog every time.

Regular Checkups

It is more important to visit your vet regularly with an older dog, as the sooner you spot signs of health problems the better you can deal with it. Unfortunately, your vet bills will go up, and you will need to find a way to cover the costs. You should check out the current pet insurance cost for older dogs and budget for the excess.  Check out this pet insurance guide to determine the best plans for your pet. Also, remember that prevention is usually cheaper than treatment.  


To keep your older dog happy, you will need to provide them with the right company. This – obviously – doesn’t mean that they are ready for a new puppy in the house. However, you can take them to dog clubs and get them to meet other dogs in the park. Your older dog is just as social as a puppy, they just express it in a different way.

Adjustments At Home

Senior Dog Care
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In some cases, you will need to think about making adjustments in your home, so you can accommodate the needs of your senior dog. They might prefer a different spot for their bed, away from the heating and the air conditioning, or simply would like to look out of the window. If your dog has already developed a mobility issue, you might want to create a ramp they can use instead of the steps at the front door.

Build Their Confidence

It might also be a good idea to help your dog build their confidence. You will need to improve their skills and praise them for making an effort. It is hard to keep an old dog motivated and interested in the activities they used to like so much. However, you will need to make the most out of your years together.

Older dogs are just as good a company as new ones. Make sure that you are able to give them what they need at this important stage in life.

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