There’s nothing better for your precious doggy than being able to run wild around the garden. As you know, dogs have a lot of pent-up energy and often need to have a mad ‘half hour’ to burn some of it off (alongside their daily walks of course). Rather than just letting them loose in the yard, why not turn it into a perfect dog heaven so that they can make the most of the space you have and also have fun (yes, dogs need fun too!). Here’s how to make a doggo heaven in your yard.

Black Poodle dog laying in the grass

Make sure all plants are safe

One thing that you will have probably already experienced is your dog nibbling on anything and everything that they come into contact with. There are some plants that you may have in your garden which could turn out to be poisonous to your dog if ingested. Of course, this is the last thing that you want, so make sure that you know whether any of the plants or shrubbery in your garden will harm your pooches tummy. If you’re not sure, it’s best to get rid of it to avoid any trips to the v-e-t-s.

Consider a play area

That’s right, there are now play areas that you can buy for your dogs which allow them to burn off energy and get even more exercise to keep them fit and healthy. PD Play offer dog park equipment that you could buy for your yard. As you will notice their range also includes a dog waste bin that you could have in your garden to avoid bringing in any of their stinky messes! Why not treat your dog to a play area in their own backyard so that when you let them out they can play all they want!

Seal up all fences and gates

If there’s one thing that all dogs attempt at some point in their lives, it’s escaping the yard or garden. Be sure to check all fences (especially at the bottom) to make sure that there are no holes in which they could escape through when you’ve got your back turned. Not only will it save you having to go out looking for them, but it will protect them from the dangers of the outside world like poisonous plants, dog snatchers, and even cars in the road.

Provide some shelter

If you have a dog flap for your doggy then they will be able to enter and leave at their own choice. However, if you’ve let them out for a short while and it begins raining they could be left out there for a while before you’ve even noticed. Or perhaps your dog enjoys being outside. Whatever the cause, provide some sort of shelter so that if the occasion arises they can get some shelter from the rain.

Use these ideas to provide your perfect doggo with a yard and garden that’s pure heaven for them! Don’t forget to take some pictures of them having the time of their lives!