If you want your dog to be happy and healthy then you must have them groomed regularly. The process will help make your dog look beautiful but also ward off some unwanted health issues. And once your dog realizes how much it benefits them, they will surely love it and gladly go to the groomer’s place.

If you decide to groom your dog by yourself however, you’ll have another bonding activity for you and your four-legged friend to enjoy together. But you’ll also have a few difficult tasks in front of you, because grooming can prove itself to be fairly complex.

There’s no need to worry about that though, because we’re here to help you overcome the biggest dog grooming challenges. So, sit back, relax, and check out what we have prepared for you and by the time you’re done reading this article, grooming will seem as simple as a walk in the park.

Hurdle #1: Extreme shedding

Tips on Dog Shedding

First hurdle you’ll potentially have to jump over is excessive shedding. Some dog breeds shed more while others shed less, that’s a well-known fact. If you have a dog that’s losing a lot of hair, you should take care of that problem properly since you wouldn’t want any complications to occur just because you thought it’s not a big deal and you let it be.

This kind of shedding will become a bother for both you and your dog if it’s not dealt with. Your house will be full of hair, from furniture to floors and of course your clothes. And it doesn’t really matter which type of coat your dog has. Short hair is extremely sticky and will cling on to anything and everything. Long hairs on the other hand will squeeze themselves into your furniture, under it and inside of it.

Your dog has it worse though because those loose strands of hair that somehow stayed inside their coat will most likely get entangled with the rest of the hairs and cause mats.

To avoid all this, you should brush your dog’s hair on a daily basis. If you can’t manage to do it every day then do it as often as possible but also use those special anti-shedding wipes or grooming gloves every now and then.

Hurdle #2: Grooming matted hair

Grooming Matted Hair

Mats are really bothersome because they’ve just so hard to get rid of. If you try to cut them out, you’ll probably hurt your dog since mats tend to stick to their skin in a weird way. And using a regular brush or a comb doesn’t really help either.

But there is a way to take care of them, so worry not. You can either take your dog to a professional groomer and let them do their thing, or you can buy a special comb for mats and gently and patiently use it to solve the problem.

If try to cut them out by yourself, you must be extremely careful and never use your own hair clippers on your pet. Human hair clippers are not made to cut through the thick and/or matted hair of your dogs, according to Trimepil. Also, clippers made for dogs are much quieter and achieve a great final result with minimum stress on the pet.

Hurdle #3: Nail clipping

Clipping Dog Nails

Dog nails should be clipped regularly, otherwise your dog may scratch you, your furniture, or themselves accidentally. However, their nails are a bit different than ours and are a tad more difficult to trim. Each one has a vein running along it and if you cut too much, bleeding happens.

Nail trimming tools consist of guillotine style clippers, scissor style clippers and grinders. You can use either one just fine but always make sure not to cut the nail too deep. It’s better to cut just a little less than required instead. Also, some nails are transparent enough for you to see the vein if you put them under a light source which is handy because you know how much to clip.

With this, you’ve jumped over the last big hurdle and can go ahead and groom your dog without fear. From now on, your dog will look wonderful and feel wonderful as well.