When you get a new puppy (or even a new dog), they have to learn a lot about you. You set expectations and rules, such as when you get up and when you take them out to go to the bathroom. They begin to learn when to have fun (those road trips to the dog park) and when to eat. But one of the things that a lot of puppies suffer from is called separation anxiety.

Separation anxiety is just that: Puppies get anxious about being left by you, and they may act out in destructive ways to hurt themselves or their surroundings. They may also exhibit less-than-welcome behaviors such as nonstop barking. They don’t mean to cause harm or annoy you (or the neighbors). They just want reassurance that you’re coming back and they can count on you. So how can you help them? This graphic offers some ideas.

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Soothe Your Puppy’s Separation Anxiety With These Strategies