here are various destructive behaviors that dog owners will possibly be faced with. One of them is chewing. Dogs are particularly fond of shoes as well as leather items like belts. The simplest way to deal with a chewing problem is to keep potential items out of your dog’s reach.

Teaching your dog that chewing in the first place is probably more important however. During the process of training, you’ll undoubtedly want to use a crate to keep your canine confined. Make sure that you leave him with toys that are appropriate for him to chew on though.

If for some reason you can’t keep shoes and other items out of your dog’s reach, then another option is to use deterrent. You simply spray it on objects that your dog is inclined to chew on. Once your dog gets a taste of the deterrent, he likely won’t be chewing on that item again anytime soon.

Dog Chew ToysOwners need to recognize the fact that dogs chew for various reasons. They’re social animals and need entertainment. If your dog is constantly bored, then chewing may be a way for him to reflect that fact. Toys, especially those that can be chewed on, are great for keeping loneliness at bay.

It’s particularly important that you give your dog something to do if you’re away from home for vast amounts of time. You could even consider getting another dog to keep your dog company. Of course, you’ll want to take breed and sex into account when deciding on a potential companion for your dog.

Owners of younger dogs usually have problems with chewing more often, for very good reason. Puppies start growing their teeth around the three month old mark. This process could be delayed up to six or seven months old though. Chewing on objects is a way for them to try to relieve the pain of teething.

To keep these younger canines from chewing on your precious items, you could try giving them something else to chew on instead. A toy may be suitable, but something cold like a frozen washcloth would also help relieve any discomfort for your may be feeling.

Whatever you do, don’t punishing your dog inappropriately for chewing on your stuff. Talking in a stern, deep tone should convey to your dog that he’s doing something wrong. Hitting him would only work to make him fear you, which is something any responsible owner doesn’t want.

We’ll go to great lengths to keep our pets safe and healthy. Part of doing so is learning about different diseases and conditions that can affect our pets like canine parvovirus. You never know what will befall your furry friend despite your best efforts to keep him healthy. So, stop by today to learn about a wide variety of canine health problems.

Author: Darrin Swain