When looking for a family dog, we can find ourselves completely surrounded by potential options. It’s hard not to visit a breeder and fall in love with every single puppy you come across. Additionally, selecting the type of breed can be a monumental task all by itself. This can go double when trying to bring home a dog that will be exposed to the movements of your children day in and day out.

Introducing a dog to a house with small children should be fine, but it’s also important to ensure they are suitable for the task. This goes double if you have infant children who will one day share the same floor space with them. Thankfully this is not some herculean effort that will take years to achieve and plenty of sacrifices, but it will take a careful approach, a wise mind, and some patience to achieve correctly.

Additionally, it’s also important to enjoy this process. This is something you do for the love of a family pet after all, and not to simply adorn your house with one more ornament. Let’s consider the best approach here:

The Size Of Your Dog

The size of the pet you choose can be a large factor in how careful they are around your children. For example, in a house with small children, purchasing a greyhound with an enthusiastic streak may cause some troubles, even if the dog has nothing but the best love and intentions. In fact, this can be worse, because an excitable dog is known to move quickly and could cause harm they do not mean. Small mixed breed dogs are often the best options here, allowing you to find a loving family pet that you can adore, with no small amount of cuteness.

Careful Training

Carefully training your pet is of additional importance. Even a small dog needs to respect your authority, and also needs exposing to other dogs. This means that when you need your pet to come to you, they will, and if you need to defuse their excitement, this will be much easier. It will also help them remain accustomed to the verbal instruction of your children if rough play becomes a little too intense, or when needing to direct the dog from one room to another. An obedient dog is often a good dog, especially in a home with small children.

A Watchful Eye

Even the smallest, most harmless, obedient dog may not be well-behaved 100% of the time. Simply keeping observant can help you ensure they are watched over correctly. We should never simply assume that an infant child is 100% safe around our pets, no matter how much we love them. Of course, it’s most likely that nothing will ever happen to this end, but it’s best to guarantee that rather than hope for it. This can help you become the most responsible pet owner possible.

With this advice, you’re certain to introduce a dog to a house with small children in the correct manner.