One of the reasons why our pets run riot in our homes is because they are not obedient. And the leading cause of this is, you, the owner. Owners who are reluctant to make their pets obedient, find that they have messier homes, they don’t stick to their own schedule and they don’t have a routine bedtime. It’s because their pets don’t have any of these things either! Without obedience, our dogs will call the shots. So what is stopping owners from making their dogs obedient? It’s actually a mix of things that are all false. They might believe that it’s unfair to make a dog obedient as it makes him go from one of the family to that thing we own. Others think it’s going to destroy his personality. And some even think that dogs don’t like to be obedient. 

Dogs need obedience

Dogs are the descendants of wolves. Wolves are beautiful, smart but also, wild. They are aggressive, do what they want when they want and they have a us vs them mentality. Wolf packs will behave in these ways because they know they have strength in numbers and that they are more aggressive than other creatures. Dogs can sense when someone is not willing to fight. Dogs are masters of body language, and you turning away when they try to invade your space, or not look them in the eyes, will give them the cues to keep pushing and dominate. Even the sweetest dogs have this side to them, so they need to be trained to be obedient or they will revert to their wild side.

If not you, then who?

So if you don’t train your dog to be obedient, then who should or can? Professional dog trainers have owner and dog obedience training courses whereby they guide you through actions to make your dog fall in line. You will be the one who does the change in your dog, not the trainer themselves. The trainer can arrive at your home and see how your dog behaves before forming a plan specific to your situation. It may be that you want to train your dog to be obedient overall, or just for a specific thing such as not eating too early, going for a walk when you are ready and or not chewing things around the house. 

They like it

Dogs love to be obedient. Yes, it’s because once again they are the descendants of wolves. Wolves are happy to be part of the family, as are dogs. When dogs know their place in the hierarchy, they are happier, calmer, less agitated and more friendly. This is because they don’t feel they have to fight to keep their position or rise to the top, they know you are the leader and that is that. 

No, it’s not wrong to make your dog obedient. It’s going to be good for his health, your mental health and better for the overall family unit.