Welcoming a new pet to the family is an exciting, thrilling and daunting experience that most of us go through at some point in our lives. You either have your little ones begging you to get a puppy or your partner is trying to persuade you that it is a good idea to get a dog. Making a decision like this is a huge one, whether you want to adopt a dog for life (which we highly recommend) or invest in a pure pedigree pooch, you need to think through every possibility before diving into the decision. From pet allergies to money, you might not realize how many things there to consider at the moment. So that you don’t miss anything here are seven super important questions you need to ask yourself before you bring a new pup into your family home.

1. Do You Suffer from Allergies?

If you suffer from hay fever or any other types of allergies, you might want to consider the type of dog you are going to get. It would be hugely disappointing if you turned out to be allergic to your new puppy, so do some research on dogs that don’t shed. There are certain breeds of dog that are perfect for allergy sufferers as they don’t shed their fur or have a thick fluffy coat that will set off your allergies.

Small white dog sitting in the grass

2. How Much Time DoYou Have?

Taking care of a new puppy is going to be quite time consuming, so you need to be prepared to make some sacrifices. If you currently work full time you might need to take a few days off work. Similarly, you might want to think about how long the dog is going to be left alone in the house all day. If you don’t have time to spend with a new dog, it might be time to reconsider.

3. Do You Have Enough Space?

Even if you have the smallest puppy in the world, it is still going to take up a significant amount of space in your home. Dog beds, kennels and cages might start to overburden your space if you don’t have enough of it. Think carefully about where you would put everything before rushing into getting a new dog.

4. Can You Afford it?

The cost of owning a dog is much higher than you might think. You will need to pay for medical care, food and maintenance, not to mention toys and other fun stuff to keep them occupied. Make sure you are in a financial stable position before you make the huge decision to bring a new puppy into your home.

5. Have You Done Your Research?

Make sure you understand the different types of breeds and whether they will suit your family dynamic. Certain dogs need a lot more walking and others will eat certain foods. Carry out extensive research to make sure you know exactly what you are getting yourself into.

6. Do You Have Small Children?

Little ones might not have a good reaction to bigger dogs; as friendly as some of the larger breeds can be, it’s quite daunting for a baby or toddler to be faced with a brand new big pooch. You might want to wait until your children are older, so that they can help look after the dog too. Equally, you should also make sure you are choosing a breed of dog that is well known for being good with kids.

7. Are You Going To Love Him No Matter What?

Your dog is going to have ups and downs and you need to be fully prepared for this. You have to be patient and loving in order to welcome a dog into your home. If you think you are going to love them no matter what, then you might just be ready for a new pup right now!

Of course getting a new puppy is going to be an incredible experience for everybody in your household, but it won’t be smooth sailing every single day. There are going to be vet bills, times where they are sick and moments when they need a lot of care and attention. If you have never had a puppy before you have all of this excitement to come, but please don’t rush into making the decision just because you feel under pressure from your family. Think the choices through calmly and rationally and you will know that you have done the right thing for yourself, your family and the perfect little pup.


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