If you have a dog, then you’ll know what an incredible companion they make. They are there through your ups and downs, and never leave your side. They experience things with you, and always cheer you up when you’re feeling down. And to top all of that off – they don’t even ask for anything in return, they just love you with those beautiful deep eyes that show you their soul. They dish out endless amounts of love without a second thought because you’re their owner and you’re what they know. You’re their comfort.

But what about when they reach a certain age? Just like us, they begin to get older, and the simple things become more difficult like walking and going to the bathroom, and being prone to getting diseases like heart problems and even cancers. This is never nice to see because you know that it’s getting to an end, but unfortunately, these things are inevitable, and all you can do is try your best to make their end of lives a comfortable one.

Here’s how you can do that.

Medical treats       

There are many treats that you can give your dog that has certain medical topics inside, so they not only taste good, but they give your dog what they need to feel better. Simplewag CBD treats contain medical marijuana, and they have been taking the world by storm. Dog owners have seen a dramatic improvement in their pets because they aren’t suffering anymore. The treats tackle chronic pain, so if for example, your dog isn’t able to walk very much anymore because it hurts them so much to do so, after having these treats their muscles will relax and they won’t feel pain anymore, meaning they can walk that little bit further again. It also helps with seizures, aggressive behavior, and even loss of appetite.

Cuddle times

You probably do this an awful lot anyway, but do you know how powerful petting and cuddling actually is? It not only physically feels like a nice sensation on your pup’s body, but it also stimulates their mind too, as well as your own. It can release all of those happy chemicals into the brain that makes us feel oh so good and euphoric. So if you do find that your dog is suffering and seems to be quite distressed, whether it be from the pain itself of just general discomfort – make sure you reassure them with your touches. This is what they long for – when a dog is scared, they will wait for your touch so they know that it’s okay – it calms them down, and if you pay close attention, you will physically feel their muscle loosen up.

It’s important that you prepare yourself because watching your beloved companion get progressively worse is never something easy. It’s heartbreaking because you’ve spent so many wonderful years with them, but as difficult as it is, the sooner you accept what’s happening, the sooner you can enjoy the time you have left.