You know the dilemma when you walk into a health food shop and see the vast array of vitamins and supplements on offer. What do you choose and are they really going to do you any good? This is also true when it comes to the world of animal nutrition. With dog and cat food tailored to meet your pet’s growing needs, do you really need to think about adding a supplement to their diet or can you manage their health with food alone?

In this blog we take a look at keeping your pet happy and healthy and whether supplements are what’s needed when your animal isn’t as healthy as they should be.

Do You Need a Supplement?

For most pets, if they are fed on commercial food found in your local pet shop or supermarket they should be just fine when it comes to nutrition. You shouldn’t find them lacking in minerals or vitamins. If you do find your pet seems lacking in energy or not their usual self, despite feeding as normal do take him along to get checked out by your vet.

The exception for taking supplements is when you create your own homemade food. Sometimes you may find that although they are more organic and less full of additives, his meals lack the vitamin boost of commercially-prepared food.

In this case, a supplement can be a wise choice for helping keep your furry friend in great shape.

Deciding on What to Give Him

The best way to make sure your pet gets exactly what he needs is to talk to your vet and help create a nutritional plan. Too many of the wrong vitamin might lead to illness and complications so it’s important to get it just right.

It might be that your pet has a specific issue that some supplements will help correct. Many dogs, for example, suffer from conditions that are breed-specific so if your vet suggests joint supplements for dogs for your pet then feel free to add that to his diet.

As you might expect, we suggest going for the best quality supplements you can afford. It might be that your vet can supply you with their own recommended brand or you may be able to find the same or very similar online, with a little time and patience.

One thing is for sure, you love your pet and you want the best for their health. Think carefully before adding anything to their diet that might upset the delicate balance of their gut, especially if they do already eat food that is rich in the vital vitamins and minerals they need to function properly. Instead make it a priority to talk to your vet and have them run any tests that will tell you if your pet is deficient in anything, that you can take action and supplement.

Always choose your supplements from a reputable source and follow the instructions when giving the right amount to your pet.