We’re fast approaching the time of year when we start to look ahead and consider changes we can make to improve our health, our finances, and our social lives. If you’re in search of a great resolution for the new year, consider making one that not only benefits you, but also your dog as well!

Having a buddy can help you stick to your New Year’s resolution, and there’s no better buddy than your dog. Here are seven resolutions that can improve your life and the life of your four-legged friend.

1. Move more

We could all use a little more exercise! It’s recommended that healthy adults get at least 150 minutes of moderate exercise each week, so make the commitment to take your dog for a walk every day. Pop in your earbuds and enjoy a podcast or audiobook and take in some scenery. If walking isn’t your game, try hiking or jogging (just check with your vet first).

2. Eat better

Changing the way you eat can help you have more energy, feel better, manage weight, and save you money—and the same goes for your dog. Take another look at your dog’s diet to ensure that they’re getting the nutrition they need. It’s best to start with a conversation with your dog’s vet about their nutritional needs, which can be affected by age, breed, and medical conditions.

3. Make new friends

Being more social can be a daunting idea, but the great thing about dogs is that they often do the work for you! Check event sites that list dog-friendly events and take your buddy along. Parks and breweries will often host pet-friendly events that are great places to mix and mingle with other humans and make new friends.

4. Reduce stress

Relieving stress requires mindfulness and a little bit on planning, for both humans and dogs. Creating a safe and quiet space in the home can help both humans and canines release stress and anxiety. You can help relieve your dog’s anxiety with regular routine, herbal treats (like CBD!), exercise, and even a little classical music.

5. Watch less TV

Watching too much TV can lead to a sedentary lifestyle, which won’t benefit you or your dog. Limit your TV intake and take up a new leisure hobby instead. Go for a walk and listen to a podcast (some are just as entertaining as TV!), play ball with your dog, or grab a blanket and a book and go read at a park.

7. Travel More

Next time you plan a vacation, be sure to include your dog as well. With the proper safety precautions, traveling with your dog can be easy and fun! In fact, some train lines now allow you to travel with dogs, and some vacation rentals will allow you to bring your four-legged buddies too, helping you keep the whole family together for the fun.

Author: Matilda Davies

Matilda lives in Raleigh, North Carolina, where she writes about great homes, health, and wellness. In her free time, she enjoys yoga, hiking, and walking her dogs, Soda and Ramona.