Are you moving into a new apartment with your pet soon? Many properties allow animals of all sizes and breeds, but landlords and property managers will request a pet screening to ensure your pet is a great fit for the rental.

A pet screening is a background check for your pet that gives a landlord more information about your pet’s health, personality, and behavior. This process usually provides your landlord with more knowledge about your pet than meeting face to face. If you start off with a good first impression, it will make your landlord feel more at ease with accepting you and your pet into their rentals.

Pet Screenings: What to Expect

Now that you’ve chosen your dream apartment, you have to convince your landlord that your pet is a good match too. For a pet screening, you and your pet will have an in-person meet and greet with your potential landlord. Most times, the first step in the pet screening process includes the landlord going over basic commands with your pet like “sit” and “stay.” This will allow them to better understand how your pet will interact and respond to commands coming from other tenants or people around the property. As a tip, train your pup ahead of time so their skills are nice and fresh!

Then, you may be asked to walk around the property with your pet to see how they feel in that environment and if they’re aggressive on the leash or not. Overall, this step in the process is a test run to observe your pet’s behavior in different potential scenarios that occur around the property.

Rental Pet Screening

To further help you through the pet screening process, we’ve created a guide with more tips and tricks to make sure you start off on the right foot. Plus, we included a printable pet resume to help you impress the landlord!

Pet Screening Sample

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pet screening infographic

Download the pet resume template here.