All dogs have a little Houdini in them. They see an open gate, a gap in the fence and the call of the wild proves a little too hard to resist. So off they go, bolting into the unknown– and sending you, their loving owner, into paroxysms of panic.

Dogs are not considered to be particularly territorial, especially when compared to cats, who can be trusted to wander freely and return back to their home base. Dogs tend to need to be restrained, or they’ll scamper away, lose their bearings, and have to wait for you to come and rescue them.

If you have a dog that is particularly keen on running wild whenever they get the chance — or you just want to ensure such an event never comes to pass — then you’re going to want to consider the following options.

Hidden Fence Systems

As Atkins detailed on their site, hidden fences cannot be dug under or jumped over, so they’re the perfect choice for owners with dogs who like to wander. Hidden fences are ideal for helping to close off a garden that has multiple potential points of failure, such as gaps in shrubbery or loose gates, helping to create a secure perimeter that your dog won’t be able to broach. If your dog is prone to overcoming normal obstacles and obstructions that you set in their way, a hidden fence system might just be the best option to conquer the issue once and for all.

Heavy Exercise

If your dog is tired out from all of the exercise they have been enjoying, they’re far less likely to feel that they need to go and explore. Aerobic activities are a great way of working off their energy and ensuring that they don’t want to run off– even if they are presented with the perfect opportunity to do so.

Explorative Walks

As a dog owner, one of the best things you can do is demystify the outside — and particularly your street — to your dog. Take them out at least once per week and let them do as they please; sniff everything they want to sniff, follow whatever path they want to follow. This helps to make the outside less attractive to them, essentially because it becomes “old news” thanks to their regular exposure.

If All Else Fails… Dog GPS

Of course, there are times when the inevitable happens; you make a mistake, leave a door open too long, and your dog is particularly crafty– the first thing you know about it is when their scampering paws are disappearing into the distance. If your dog is prone to taking advantage of the aforementioned errors, then it’s worth monitoring them with a GPS tag that attaches to their collar. While such an item won’t directly be able to bring them back, it will at least ensure that you can go and find them!

In conclusion

Escapee dogs can cause no end of concern for their owners, but with the measures above, you should be able to keep their escapades to a minimum!

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