Allergies are one of those things that, as dog owners, we can feel a little bit debilitated by. Some people develop allergies as they get older, but it doesn’t help when they’ve been building up a relationship with a dog for so many years. This can mean that the next dog they adopt has to be as hypoallergenic as possible. But what are the most hypoallergenic dogs for people that have allergies?


The breed is a smaller version of a terrier, making them a very active and not delicate species. The facial expression is monkey-like with long eyebrows and beard, which is very humorous! The coat is only 1 inch long, but this is only on the body; the head, chest, legs and stomach coat is a little bit longer, so you may want to consider hypoallergenic dog collars. As far as a friendly dog is concerned, they’re full of playfulness and affection, as well as friendliness to other pets and strangers makes it an ideal choice for a family. As their coat is wiry, and only needs removal of old hairs on occasion, making it a perfect dog for allergy sufferers.

Bedlington Terrier

A very fast and agile dog due to the arched loin and outline. As they are very springy, they will chase a lot, and be very engaging in tough situations. Their coat is a combination of hard and soft hair, which gives them adequate protection but also makes them look beautiful. Watching them in action makes them an ideal choice for those that are active and want to get out plenty. Their coat barely sheds, making it a lot easier for maintenance.

Chinese Crested

One of the more popular hairless varieties of dogs, the hair is only found on the head, tail and lower legs and feet. As they are very fine boned and slender, their air of elegance and grace is unparalleled. As far as hairless dogs are concerned, the Chinese Crested is very friendly, requires minimal exercise, but are very affectionate. They are very popular for a very good reason! Ensure that the grooming is done regularly, and very little hair will be shed.

Bichon Frise

Famous for their powderpuff appearance, the Bichon has a double coat but with a soft dense undercoat, and the curly outer coat being coarser in texture. A very fit dog and their temperament being very jolly make them a popular choice with any young family. From a facial perspective, their expression is very soft and inquisitive. This dog very much has the “aww” factor. Because their soft coat is curled tightly, the dander is kept under wraps.


A large, muscular dog, and very tall! While their coat may look akin to a carpet, their dense woolly undercoat combined with a coarser outer coat that’s very wavy, the dog is protected from the elements, but the natural cords are so tight, the chance for shedding is very unlikely. A very unique choice, but incredibly striking, wherever you go. And as they’re so affectionate they won’t ever be starved for attention!