Our canine friends are living, breathing, creatures, and that means while they can bring us much joy and love, there can also be a more difficult and challenging side to owning a dog. A topic that you can find out how to survive in the post below.


Dog Showing Teeth

Aggression in dogs is a complication subject. It is partly to do with nature, as some breed are known to be more aggressive than others because there are bred for hunting or fighting, even though we keep them as domestic pets. It is also partly to do with nurture as it’s the treatment and training they receive in life that shapes their personality.

Of course, most loving dog owners will tell you that their pet won’t bite anyone, and would be appalled if this did happen. Sadly though, it’s not an uncommon experience even for well-treated dogs, because they are always fighting their instincts to chase and hunt.

With that in mind, it’s a good idea to do what you can to prevent biting and attacks. Something you can use muzzles and obedience classes to help with. Also, it can help to have a plan of action in case the worse does happen. A program that should deal with how to stop the dog and then calm it down, as well as how you will help the person that has been injured.

Also, don’t forget to provide the injured part with your contact details either, as it likely they will get a dog bite lawyer involved to claim you. Something that demonstrates preventing aggression, rather than dealing with bites and attacks the best method all around.


Pug Dog wrapped in a blanket

Just like humans, dogs can get sick. However, caring for a canine that is ill can be expensive and hard work, as well as harrowing. Of course, preventative treatments are always best here, and that means vaccinating your dog and treating them for parasites like fleas, ticks, and lungworm on a regular basis.

Although, providing good quality food, the right amount of exercise, and a warm, loving home can make a big difference here too. Just as having full cover pet insurance and being on the books of a reliable vet can invaluable if you do find yourself in this situation. Then you will be able to access medical assistance quickly, and vastly improve your dog’s chances of a full recovery.

Stinky breath

Now, it may not seem like a big deal, but stinky dog breath can be a real pain! Especially if you have one of those pups that like to jump up and give you a great big, wet, sloppy kiss! Luckily there are some smart ways of dealing with dogey, doggy breath.

One method is to brush their teeth, something that you can attempt yourself with help from the video below. Alternatively, you can take them for a visit to the vet and get the professional to do it for you.

You will also find that there are a lot of products on the market design to clean dog teeth and freshen their breath. Something that it’s well worth trying before you take more extreme measures like changing their diet to freshen them up.